Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Riding the Bell Ranch Part 2

In my last post I blogged about day one of my three days of trail rides at the Bell Ranch. On day two, Friday May 18, 2007 I awoke at about 6am, at least I think it was about that time. After a cell phone became permanently attached to me I stopped carrying a watch. Now without a cell phone I also was without a watch or clock of any sort. I started the day with a cup of campfire coffee. This was absolutely the best coffee I ever had, Starbucks eat your heart out. Then came one of the most amazing sites I ever saw. Ranch hands rounded up the 25 or 30 horses for the ride and a stampede of ranch horses came thundering into camp. I took a quick video with my small digital camera and you can see it below.

After a great breakfast of blue berry pancakes, eggs with green chili, bacon and rolls I gathered some snacks and we saddled up the horses.

I was on Casino again, and we headed out for about a four hour ride. It was the roughest ride I had ever been on. This was no Girls Scout or Dude Ranch Ride (no offense Girls Scouts). We traversed ravines, rivers and went up and down canyons that I was sure either the horse, I or both would be tumbling down any minute. Casino however had no problem, no fear and handled the terrain like a mountain goat. It was exciting and great fun, I have been on several trail rides but none like this.

The clouds hinted of rain but the rain never materialized. We saw herds of antelope and cow elk along with a snake, tons of bird species and even a few fish. Unfortunately between the horse and the quick animals I never managed to get a photo of them.

Only one person lost their horse and I know today, days later he is still sore. He was riding along side me when all of a sudden his horse reared up. Since he had a cigar in one hand and a beer in the other he quickly became airborne flying about four feet higher than the horse before crashing down flat on his back. I could swear I felt the ground tremble as the dust rose into the air and his body slammed into the ground as though Hulk Hogan had just evicted him from the wrestling ring.

After the long ride I was sore again and once the saddles were put up and the horses set free we settled in at camp while the cooks began dinner. We were treated to a roping show from a great roper which I really should have gotten his name but unfortunately I did not. Here is two video's of the cowboy which was just great.

After the roping show there was an auction of cowboy clothing and accessories with the proceeds going to the cooks.

Then it was another massive steak dinner. The food rivaled some of the best restaurants I have been to in my life. Then we were treated to more great cowboy musicians who led a sing along and played requests. About 1 am I hit the sleeping bag. Seems as though my shirt pocket finally stopped phantom vibrating making me think the cell phone I left in the car was still in my pocket ringing.

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