Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Looking for Joe Monahan ?

I won't be sitting at the side of I-25 with a radar gun looking for Joe Monahan, or will I ? LOL.
I made an attempt to win a free lunch from Joe when he had a contest on his blog which offered the meal if you could answer this question: What were the names of the four candidates who sought the 1982 Democratic nomination for the District 3 northern congressional seat in New Mexico.

Graduating from Santa Fe High in 1982, the extent of my political experience at the time was spending many an elementary school summer break hanging around the Roundhouse with my grandmother Eufemia Solano who was a custodian. I vividly remember Governor Bruce King who always treated me nice and let me play in his office more than once. Many a Senator or House Rep. bought me a candy from the vending machines or a drink from the small cafeteria.

I also remember my mother volunteering for Governor Tony Anaya during his first run at the Governor's seat. My family was never really political however we did vote and take part in politics from time to time. Ok, I digressed so back to the contest. Of course I could not remember the 1982 District 3 race although we did live in the district. I do remember Roberto Mondragon and his many visits to our schools over the years where he sang "O Fair New Mexico" and other songs. So I did what any geek like me would do I searched the internet. It actually took some time before I came upon the website which actually a friend of my wife's found. See the extent I would go to just to have a free lunch?

Of course as all of Joe Monahan's readers now know the web site was incorrect. Or was it? The site lists George Perez as Charles Perez. Perhaps the site was right and Joe just did not want to buy me lunch. Could this be one of the conspiracy's that Joe often talks about on his blog? Could Joe be powerful enough in New Mexico Politics to get Charles Perez to change his name and keep Joe Monahan from having to buy me my Taco Plate from Sadie's in Albuquerque?
Hmm, perhaps an investigation is needed. Seems like a job for Eye on Albuquerque.

Either way I am firing off a stern letter to telling them they owe me lunch. I wonder if Attorney General Gary King will take the case, this is a fraud if I ever saw one........

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