Thursday, November 01, 2007

Video of Sheriff Greg Solano on MSNBC with Dan Abrams

Below is the you tube video of my appearance on Dan Abrams MSNBC show which aired live last night. I was also scheduled to appear live on Star Jones Show on Court TV today however it was canceled due to technical difficulties in getting the satellite feed into a Santa Fe or Albuquerque studio in time. Vic Vela of the Albuquerque Journal did a story on the national airplay this story is getting and KOAT TV is planning to do a story tonight as well.

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Richard Weinblatt said...


As a fomer Santa Fe County deputy sheriff, I am proud of the way you represented the SFSO on Dan Abrams program. Having personally appeared on Live with Dan Abrams and MSNBC, I can tell the readers that it is not easy to do a live satellite feed. The conditions are not the most favorable for a two-way conversation and getting your message out. You did a great job on this terrific national news show.