Wednesday, January 16, 2008

It's the Economy Stupid !

First off I apologize for my lack of blogging since the holidays. I took a break and then just didn't get back to it afterwards.

The title of this post is not only a cliche saying from Bill Clinton's first presidential election where he took out George Bush senior, I believe it is one of the two primary issues in this years presidential election. "It's the economy, stupid" was a sign hung in Bill Clinton's campaign headquarters to keep everybody "on message" in 1992. James Carville put it there. Along with then President Bush's "read my lips" quote it became the mantra of the election.

With Governor Bill Richardson out of the race I began thinking about what I would do in the presidential election. My first thought was John Edwards, I have to admit some bias in that I have met him and he greatly impressed me. However, In reality I think this is between Obama and Clinton. Keeping that thought in mind I started thinking about what I feel is important and where these two candidates stand. The two main issues I think about are the war and the economy. I am sure either candidate will begin to extricate us from Iraq immediately upon taking office. So the economy is next. Who has the experience and ability to put America back on track? I can't help thinking about where President Bill Clinton "whom I have also met and I have no doubt he is one of the great political minds alive today", left the economy upon his leaving office.

During his administration he took over at a time when another Bush had decimated the federal budget and left us with huge deficits and an economy that was on the skids. When President Clinton took over, his administration eliminated the deficit and put the economy on the right track. Skip ahead six years and another Bush has put us right back where we started, actually its worse. Ok, so it is Hillary and not Bill running this time. I understand that. I also know that she by being a part of her husbands administration knows what it took to fix the economy. I know they will hit the ground running and not have any learning curve. This is an important fact I could not overlook.

I would whole heartedly support Obama should he win the primary and go forward to the general election. However, in the primary I have to support and will vote for Hillary Clinton. I urge readers to look at the candidates seriously and join me in support of Hillary. Most important is to be sure and go vote in New Mexico's Caucus on February 5, 2008. I know everyone says that whichever election we happen to be in is the most important election of our time. So I won't repeat that cliche although I thought about it. This is however the most important political decision you will make in the next four years. Make it wisely and take a stand by voting. Some may say that I should not endorse because I am in a campaign myself. I hope you don't want to elect someone who cannot take a stand and explain it to the public. If not then there are plenty of others who will stand on the fence.


Michelle Meaders said...

If people in New Mexico want to vote for President in a Democratic primary they have to do so in the Democratic Caucus on Feb. 5th (or before, absentee -- applications are due Mon. Jan. 21st). To participate, they have to be registered Democrats by Jan. 4, 2008. The primary for registered Republicans is still in June, one of the latest in the country.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a great candidate and I hope she takes the prize. There's no one I can think of better suited for it. I supported Bill and I support Hillary.

Anonymous said...

Hillary is a great candidate and I hope she wins. I supported Bill and I support Hillary whole heartedly.

WilliamHenryMee said...

Greg, this is a thoughtful post.

It is the economy stupid and a stupid war costing us a lot.

These are federal problems and like President Truman said: “The buck stops here.” So this is President Bush’s fault for not exercising intelligent oversight. But we all knew he wouldn’t because he took campaign contributions from the financial, mortgage loan and housing industries. Then he appointed cronies of the industries to relax the regulations on those industries that protect consumers like you and I. Then whammo you have a recession; designed and made by George W. His tax cuts for the wealthy were taken 90% overseas to invest in companies that were taking away American jobs; mainly in China and India. How else could this have turned out? We all need to remember that Bush-Cheney are the culprits and hold them accountable even after their terms. The information on the Reagan trickle down theory is out and it doesn’t work. The best way to recoup your wealth is to vote all Republicans out.

I am a Caucus official and have formally announced that I will not endorse any Demo candidate. I did the same thing in 2004 when I was a Caucus Judge. So candidates know you will all get a fair shake.

I am worried about the Dems running against a McCain-Lieberman ticket. I think it is important to remind the average American that while Bush-Cheney were doing their "disaster capitalism" (Naomi Klein's term in her book) and making money off Iraq, Afghanistan and Katrina ---McCain-Lieberman were silent at these illegal abuses of our governmental system. While the U.S. Constitution was being violated 43 times by the Administration---McCain-Lieberman were cheerleading with one small McCain objection to torture.

While the War on terror strategy was to bring about the Biblical End Times and nuclear attack Iran ---McCain-Lieberman were cheerleading and wanting Israel to get involved in a first strike.

Wow, what destructive idiots!!!!!!!

Carey Anthony said...

I think you helped me make my decision here. Thanks