Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Would you stand in line to vote for no one?

I was checking the results of New Mexico's Democratic Party caucus this afternoon. I was still trying to see if we had a winner although I pretty much knew we would not have a declared winner yet. I have been looking at the results since yesterday evening and it only dawned on me today. 405 people in the state of New Mexico took the time to vote "uncommitted". Now I don't know how many were absentee ballots however I can't help but wonder. Who would take the time to drive to their polling site, stand in line for anywhere from minutes to hours, and then vote for no one? Even if the vote is absentee, who would request an absentee ballot, have it mailed to them, fill it out and check the uncommitted box and then affix a stamp and mail it back?

Don't get me wrong I want everyone to take the time to vote and take part in the democratic process. So maybe if you just can't make up your mind but want to still take part you show up and vote "I don't know". It was very interesting and the hamsters in my head are running at full speed as I ponder the thought.

What if Uncommitted won even one congressional district. Would those delegates to the National Convention get to vote for who ever they want? Or would they have to go and vote "I don't know". Also does uncommitted equate to "none of the above". What if the ballot only had the names of those who remained in the race and no opportunity to vote uncommitted? 4, 500 voters would have had to choose between Hillary or Barak or enter a write in candidate. How much would this have changed this election in which the win hinges on less than 200 votes. Hmmm.

Below is the latest results as of 2-6-08 at 6:04 pm which I got from KOAT's web site. The Democratic party did not have grand totals only county by county, It includes the latest uncommitted votes.

2008 New Mexico Democratic Caucus
Hillary Clinton 66,17349%
Barack Obama 65,96348%
Bill Richardson 1,1811%
John Edwards 2,0251%
Joe Biden 1120%
Chris Dodd 680%
Dennis Kucinich 4990%
Uncommitted 4050%
Precincts Reporting - 181 out of 184 - 98%


michelle meaders said...

New Mexico has gone to all paper ballots for all elections. This should be much more accurate and reliable than the solely electronic machines. This last caucus had only one question on it. Counting the ballots after the polls closed was very quick, even though we didn't run them through an electronic reader.

The holdup is the provisional ballots for people whose names weren't on the voter list. They each have to be checked against the master list to see if they are really registered Democrats in New Mexico. If they are, the ballots are put in the correct precincts to be counted. The party didn't want to turn anyone away, and many people weren't sure where to vote, or whether they were Democrats. Precinct numbers and party registration are on your voter card, but many voters didn't have them with them. (By the way, DTS on your voter card means "Declined to State", or no party.)

Several voters told us that one of the local TV stations was saying that Republicans could vote too. Technically they could, but their votes won't be counted. Many of the early-voting states that got so much publicity have open primaries, but New Mexico has a closed one. If you want to participate in the rest of the Democratic Primary in June and you aren't one now, re-register as a Democrat! Voter registration forms are at all the libraries.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Thanks for your comments and the information Michelle. While I understand the new voting machines or readers use paper ballots the counting and totals are near instant as the ballots are designed to be feed into the reader immediately is what I understand to be the case. Much different than the hand counted ballots we used in the caucus.

Anonymous said...

2 reasons why there will be a Republican President that everyone seems to be missing.... its so obvious. 1. Hillary is a woman, no female President in history, we Americans are not going to start now. And Obama is Black, no Black President in history, ever. What makes you think that America is going to change now? Americans are so prejudice and anit women leader minded.