Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Reaction to feds wreck havoc post.

My phone has been ringing a lot since I posted yesterdays opinion on the way the federal government has handled the City Police Detectives case. So far all the calls have agreed with my take on the issue. The Albuquerque Journal picked the story up off my blog and Vic from the journal added that several officers from the city had already filed complaints with Tom Udall's Office. The congressmen and women from New Mexico are probably gun shy about getting involved in criminal matters after the Robert Vigil and Manny Aragon cases in which Senator Pete Dominici and Congresswoman Heather Wilson were lambasted for contacting then United States Attorney David Iglesias. However I hope they are not too gun shy. This case does not involve political figures and when the F.B.I. and U.S. Attorneys do the amount of damage they have done to a community the only recourse a community has is to file a complaint with our congressional delegation.


Jay Love said...

I can see Greg Solano's point as to how Tom Udall may be "gun shy" about getting involved with the justice department re: the city police issue. However I would say it all depends on HOW the Congressman gets involved and that as long as he goes through the proper channels and protochol that should not be an issue at all?

One way I would not advise any Congressional representative to handle the issue would be to pick up a phone and make clandestine phone calls in the middle of the night to the U.S. Attorney trying to act like Don Coreleone threatening to leave the head of a dead horse in his bed sheets?

Pete Domenichi with his sour voice and "I am so sorry to hear that" as the phone went dead, as if he had just put a "hit" out on the then U.S. Attorny for the region was for sure a lesson in how NOT to handle these types of inquires.

Jay H. Love, Largo, Fl

Anonymous said...

Look at the big picture. Why would the fed government really launch an investigation without any evidence? Why would an honest cop retire and/or agree to sign off his good name. I would never agree to anything if I were not guilty! For you to ask the fed government and people to file complaint against the US Attorneys office. Get real maybe you should have work with the Feds investigation and review there evidence. Then I would listen to your opinion. I bet the cop are your friends. Are they?