Friday, July 31, 2009

Hear Sheriff Solano Monday on KSFR 101.1FM

I taped an interview yesterday with Santa Fe Radio Cafe a early morning FM show on KSFR Radio 101.1 on your FM dial (do any radio's have dials anymore?). The interview came about when I ran across a post on the host Mary-Charlotte Domandi's facebook page. In the post she described two friends burglaries which occurred at the friends homes in the past two days. I added a comment on her post with a link to burglary prevention tips.

She commented back inviting me to be on her show. The show is taped live from the Santa Fe Baking Company on Cordova Road.

Santa Fe Radio Cafe is described as "a daily talk show featuring people you know and others you'd like to. Community-spirited, smart talk: From Presidential candidates and nationally known experts to local Santa Fe artists, authors, healers, and minor miscreants. It's where all of Santa Fe has time to talk"

The show is slated to air on Monday August 3, 2009 at 8:00 am. If you miss hearing it, it will be posted as a podcast at this location on the web. The show focused on Burglary's and how to prevent them. I originally was slated for a half hour show however I can talk, so before we knew it the show lasted an hour. Actually I am sure that before editing it was almost an hour and a half. The host was really good and I enjoyed the interview. Hope you will also!


om said...

Today I got this e-mail from tourists I met on the plaza and wonder if you can comment, please:
"Tell me about the corruption! Just witnessed first hand two different hispanic men drag racing on the main road, burning up rubber, coming into the side of our lane the same time we were in it, crossing three lanes of traffic at once, driving up the behinds of the cars in front of them......I could go on! We called the police, stayed as a witness, get this....they admitted doing it, plus visable tire burns on the road! And the three hispanic cops that came let them off and told us they can't do anything about it! I guess someone has to die first?! "
Why was nothing done? Now I go and catch up with your interview, sincerely Uomi S. Brog.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

It is hard for me to do any more than speculate with out speaking to the officers. Was this Sheriff's deputies or was it City Police?

In order for police to issue citations for a traffic offense the officer must witness the infraction. That could be why citations were not issued. The only exception to the officer witnessing is in the case of a motor vehicle accident. Some times police can be creative and charge them for another misdemeanor like disturbing the peace or disorderly conduct.

I really do not believe it has anything to do with the race of the officers or the race or ethnicity of the suspects. Granted as I stated earlier I am speculating just based on what you have told me.

om said...

Thanks for giving an answer. So how are we to prevent tragedy, if reporting say reckless driving or something similar really is not worth the hassle and does not keep the offenders off the streets? Do we need a change of law? There is talk of ankle bracelets and making bar personnel responsible for not dispensing alcohol, but when we witness something, we learn that the police is mostly impotent. Would a call of an apparent drunk driver on the road actually get them off before killing more teens as happened recently? Sincerely, wishing you a good night, Uomi.