Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Media Reports on Exit From Lt. Gov Race

The response from the public has been overwhelming during the last two days as I announced my withdrawal from the Lieutenant Governors Race. I have had friends, acquaintances, and people I have never met send me emails, call my office, comment on Facebook and Twitter, send me text messages and pm me. The show of support and well wishes has been overwhelming. The media and bloggers have been kind as well. Even though I mentioned in my goodbye blog that I felt some media and bloggers paid too much attention to the money being raised and not the candidates stands on the issues, most media if they even mentioned that I said it at all did so in a matter of fact way. Political Blogger Joe Monahan seemed offended and thought it was a parting shot at the media. Joe, it really wasn't intended to be a parting shot because I am not going anywhere. I intend on remaining involved and a good working relationship is important. On the other hand I always intend to be honest in my blogging and I did honestly think that too much attention and column space was given to money by some in the media and bloggers and not enough paragraphs were written on issues. Heck, some candidates have yet to discuss the issues at all.

All that aside its been an uplifting experience. I have all but one of the candidates for Lieutenant Governor contact me to discuss endorsements and I plan to meet with each one and discuss an endorsement. I take this process very seriously even though I realize that just because I endorse someone it does not commit my supporters to that person, it only suggests that my supporters consider that person based on my assessment of the race. If I do endorse a candidate It will not just be a quick endorsement and then I go on with my life. If I do endorse I will work for that candidate in the primary and regardless I will work for all our democratic nominees in the general election.

Fellow democrats, we can not take the general election for granted. Despite the obvious disarray the Republican party is in they could still pull out a win, just look to Albuquerque for the example. In current economic conditions having the executive and legislative branch in the hands of our party is more important than ever. Only the Democratic party has a proven track record of supporting the people over special interests and corporations. Of course there are individual politicians who claim to be Democrats but don't always walk the walk and I would be naive to think otherwise. Just what are the differences between Democrats and Republicans? I have taken definitions of Democrats and Republicans from http://www.demsunite.com/ and modified them somewhat to meet what I think the definitions are.

Democrats - a short summary
Democrats generally support government policies that benefit working class families, seek more corporate regulation, and less government influence over the individual. Democrats favor a government that supports lower and middle-income families and workers through a tax structure which has all paying their fair share based on the income they have. They strongly support government programs such as social security and health care in order to provide for the common good. In social matters, Democrats emphasize personal choice, privacy, and liberty. They believe that it is the responsibility of the family to promote morals and values in society and not the government's responsibility (this is usually labeled as socially liberal).

Republicans - a short summary
Republicans generally support government policies that benefit large corporations, seek less corporate regulation, and more government influence over the individual. Republicans favor a government that supports corporate America and the wealthy by reducing taxes and regulations on corporations. Republicans believe that reducing corporate taxes and regulations will translate into lower unemployment rates. They would prefer to out-source government entitlement programs such as social security and health care to the private sector. In social matters, Republicans believe that the government should make certain moral decisions for us and sometimes see privacy and liberty as a risk to security. They believe that the government should be actively involved with promoting morals and values in society (this is usually labeled as socially conservative).

The Economy
Democrats believe that in order to have a strong economy, the government must promote policies that empower individual workers. These policies can include supporting unions, discouraging companies from exporting jobs overseas, and increasing the minimum wage. Democrats believe that companies must be regulated (to an extent) to ensure fair compensation and treatment of American workers, to prevent large corporations from abusing employees, and to reduce corporate fraud. In a broader sense, Democrats believe that it is better to stimulate the economy from the bottom-up (stimulating the worker) instead of from the top-down (stimulating corporations).

Republicans believe that the best path to a strong economy is by promoting policies that benefit large corporations. Lower corporate taxes, not increasing minimum wage, and reducing corporate regulation are all policies that benefit corporate America. Republicans believe that by reducing corporate taxes and regulation, American corporations will in turn hire more workers and increase wages. While these policies are some of the foundations of capitalism, they can sometimes be detrimental to the American worker (exporting jobs overseas, no minimum wage, etc.). In a broader sense, Republicans prefer to stimulate the economy from the top-down (stimulating corporations) instead of from the bottom-up (stimulating the worker).

Everyone would have their own beliefs and definitions but these pretty much sum up mine. I opened this blog post with a description of the blogs and media reports of my dropping out of the Lieutenant Governors race and below is a compilation of those reports if anyone cares to read them. I apologize if I left someone out. Let me know if I did and I will update.

The Santa Fe New Mexican (first mainstream media outlet to find my blog post and report)

Roundhouse Roundup ( praised my candor and accessibility, Thanks Steve.)

Albuquerque Journal (subscription required, short and to the point)

New Mexico Politics.net ( called blog post insightful, Thanks Heath.)

The New Mexico Independent.com ( Straight forward, good ending)

Diogenes Six (Ched clearly understood what my campaign was about.)

Democracy For New Mexico ( Took the time to give a good summary of my blog post)

A Female New Mexican's Point of View Blog (Mary had some great quotes about the over importance of money in our political process)

New Mexico Politics with Joe Monahan (Joe gave the story little column space and seemed offended of one sentence in the blog where I bemoaned the media paying little attention to the issues.)


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Ed Campbell said...

Sorry - to some extent - to see you pull out of the race, Greg.

But, you are the best damned Sheriff we've had in the 25 or so years I've lived here. So, I'm glad to see you staying in office a while longer.