Monday, May 24, 2010

Santa Fe New Mexican Endorses Undersheriff Robert Garcia

On Sunday May 24, 2010 the Santa Fe New Mexican joined the Albuquerque Journal North in endorsing Undersheriff Robert A. Garcia for Sheriff. Both papers had kind words to say about my administration so I want to take a sentence in this blog post to thank them both. The last eight years of hard work did not go unnoticed by Santa Fe's two daily papers. One major endorsement remains and that is the Santa Fe Reporter which is expected to issue their endorsement on Wed.

I am saying a little prayer tonight for a home run with all three endorsements. Robert has worked hard for 30 years serving Santa Fe in Law Enforcement and he deserves to be our next Sheriff. Below is the endorsement issued by the Santa Fe New Mexican.

For sheriff, Robert García; Mayfield, Bacon to board
The New Mexican
Posted: Saturday, May 22, 2010
- 5/23/10

Term limits, those mixed blessings bringing blessed relief from endless incumbency but sometimes depriving people of good public servants, mean changes are in store for three crucial Santa Fe County offices:

  • Sheriff, where Greg Solano has been especially effective and, at least as important, open as can be with the people his deputies have served and protected from Edgewood to Chimayó.
  • County commissioners for Districts 1 and 3, serving the northern and southern parts of the county, have been well represented by Harry Montoya and Michael Anaya.

All three races drew plenty of competition — Robert García, Rex Doerfer, Rubel Tafoya and Charlie Dalton for sheriff; Jon Paul Romero, Paul White, Danny Mayfield and Lenny Roybal for the District 1 seat and Robert Anaya, David Bacon and Angélica Ruiz in District 3. The candidates are all Democrats — so June 8's winners stand to take office in January.

The field of candidates running for sheriff is one of the strongest in recent memories. We endorse Robert García, current undersheriff, because of his decades of experience and commitment to openness in running the sheriff's office.

Under current Sheriff Greg Solano, the sheriff's office has moved into the modern era, putting out crime bulletins electronically and providing computers to deputies in the field so reports can be filed instantly. That's not all. Burglary rates in Santa Fe County have stayed relatively low compared with skyrocketing rates inside city limits, and DWI prevention has been and will remain a priority for deputies. Solid police work, in other words, is a characteristic of this office.

Importantly, Garcia understands that a good sheriff remains open with the public and the press. He doesn't stonewall or avoid hard questions.

Finally I want to congratulate Undersheriff Robert Garcia on garnering the endorsements, You also have my enthusiastic and heartfelt endorsement.


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