Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Losing Candidate makes 74th run for Office

John Turmel from Brantford Canada is running for mayor in his home town in Canada. What makes his run special is that it is his 74th run for office. He has an impressive record, He holds the Guinness world record for most elections contested. Even more impressive is that with 74 elections he has never won a race! John's occupation is listed as a professional poker player.

John has advocated for the abolition of interest on loans, and the legalization of marijuana and gambling. He has opened several casinos only to have them raided and shut down. Voters will decide on October 25, 2010 if he will continue his losing streak or finally come up with a win.

As election day nears and New Mexicans grow weary of politics we can still thank god John Turmel lives in Canada. On the other hand he just might make our elections a little bit more fun.

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King of the Paupers said...

Jct: Neatest of all, I've come up with a great way to put kids to work by paying the unemployed with bus ticket credits! Though Brantford is the first town to reject putting kids to work for bus tickets, slum dwellers in Brazil collect trash and exchange it for bus tickets. So it's an idea that can be used anywhere. I may never get elected but I sure do have some good ideas. See my Bus Bucks campaign at http://johnturmel.com including video #11 where I got arrested for passing out flyers on the sidewalk.