Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Mayors race and making friends on the campaign trail.

We were very busy today making the political rounds in the city. The Mayors race is taking the limelight. I visited three of the mayoral candidates functions today, all were going on almost simultaneously. I have always been very interested in seeing the kinds of demograghics that are involved in each individuals campaign. There is usually a distinct difference in each of the candidates supporters and the most successful candidates have some cross sections involved in their supporters.

One of the candidates my wife and I visited today had primarily what I would call La Plebe, or in English it is the local Hispanics. The next candidate we visited had a crowd which consisted of primarily Anglo women however, of the three men who were there while we visited, one was the actor Brian Dennehy. I know he lives in Santa Fe however this is the first time I have seen him involved in local politics. He was sitting right at the entrance to the candidates headquarters wearing the candidates campaign button and politely speaking to all who introduced themselves to him.

I next ran into the campaign manager from the what many consider to be the lead candidate in the race. I have been to his campaign rallies as well and his primary supporters are the working middle class and the local activists. This campaign has impressed me with their oganization and grass roots politicking. This campaign uses emails, internet, mailouts, door to door, telephones, coffees, rallies and just about every other method of campaigning you can think of. His people seem to always be working, always be wearing buttons and bumper stickers. Its impressive but all the races are heating up and I am seeing increased efforts from everyone.

A little bird tells me someone may drop out of the mayors race on Tuesday. Tuesday is the last day to drop out of the race and not have your name show up on the ballot. This little tidbit could be just a hope and a prayer for the one who told me about it or who knows maybe it could turn out to come true. If you have ever thought about running for office make sure your family and you are ready for an all consuming process. The campaign consumes your life and the lives of your family and friends. If you really care and truly want to win just forget about anything else until election day. On the other hand you meet a lot of good people. I have made what I know will be life long friends with people whom I only met on the campaign trail.

I will never forget the first time I ran for Sheriff seven years ago a State Police Officer caught a teenager throwing down one of my campaign signs. The officer gave him a $100 littering citation and ordered the child to go and apologize to me. The kid and his father came to see me and apologize. The father, mother, and my wife and I became great friends and they worked their butts off along with many others to get me elected four years later. The same kid, now a college student at U.N.M. helped also. We always joke with him that it must be different to be out putting up signs instead of tearing them down.

Ok, I had finished todays post and then saw this and had to add it. Enjoy.

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rocky206 said...

Brian Dennehy formerly lived in Connecticut and frequented many of my hometown restaurants in the late 1990's. Like many small or big city cafe's or steakhouses would hold their Celebrities close but the human factor of wanting to quietly let the word out to friends seems to be 'something we all want to do which is to share info with our friends'...the secret was to get the timeline, as he was a 'regular' and make your reservation...or just be at 'the place' when you heard he 'always' made an appearance. It was the same in New York City when I endeavored to meet my favorite artist Salvador Dali. We walked the same path and I eventually spoke with him, by phone, at his place of residence, The St Regis Hotel, just before he left for Spain to do his final works. His words, in broken English, of inspiration and the fact of finally getting to speak with him, raised me to a higher level and the experience of 'a dream come true' has never left me. Although, I didn't seek to meet Mr Dennehy, I thank you for sharing, as now I won't think of it as a moment lost. Isn't Santa Fe great!
Oh, about being a Politician, brave are the men and women who take a stand and carry on to strive for their ideals.