Saturday, January 07, 2006

My First Blog Post

Greg Solano
Well, after reading others blogs on a daily basis I have finally decided to start my own. Its funny how after reading other blogs for years that you feel like you actually know the person who writes them. In some ways as you read about their lives, interests and activities you start to feel as though you are stalking them or peeking into the window of thier lives. Maybe that's why I waited so long to start my own. I had to decide if I was ready to open the curtains and let others peek in.

If you don't know who Greg Solano is, let me introduce you.

I am , 42 years old was Born in Santa Fe N.M. In November 1963. Born to a Single Mother, Sylvia Solano. I attended Public School through High School at Santa Fe High and Santa Fe Vocational -Technical School. I was always interested in Computers and at a young age I built my first computer, a Heath Kit Sinclair Computer . I continued working on computers as a hobby and as a consultant.

Greg and Antoinett SolanoI was married on May 19, 1984 to Antoinette Mares. Shortly thereafter My Mother passed away in an automobile accident. I was age 21 and my new wife and I returned to my family home to care for my teenage Brother and two Sisters.

In 1985 my son Aaron (named after Elvis Aaron Presley) was born. My teenage siblings soon began coming of age and my brother moved out of the family home and went on to become a Police Officer, And later a Detective with the Santa Fe Police Department. He is now married to Nora (maiden name Romero), and has two beautiful daughters and a son. My sister Monica went to Highlands University and she has two beautiful daughters and is a successful Entrepreneur. Melissa whom Greg raised from age 13 went on to T.V.I. in Albuquerque N.M. And later became a full time mother of five beautiful children. As my siblings were growing up and out of the home I was hired on to the Santa Fe Police Department in 1988.

I soon graduated from the State of N.M. Law Enforcement Academy and within my first year on the job I was chosen to train new recruits. In my time on the job I was a highly decorated officer. I was twice nominated for the Officer of the year Award, and received 5 Exceptional Service Commendations including one presented by Mayor Jaramillo and the City Council. With a little over two years on the job I was promoted to Detective in the Juvenile Division of the City Police Dept. During this time Gangs were showing increasing presence in Santa Fe and across the nation. I was assigned to handle all Gang Related Cases in the Juvenile Division. Later in June of 1992 My second child a beautiful daughter named Sylvia (named after my Mother) was born.

I went on to become an expert on local Gangs and along with Sergeant Daniel Gonzales began teaching gang recognition and intervention classes to all officers in the City Police Department as well as State Police, and public school teachers and administration. I was also assigned as the Santa Fe Police Department representative for the New Mexico Street Gangs Task Force.
I was promoted to Sergeant with only 5 years of experience in the Santa Fe Police Department . At that time (age 29) I was one of the youngest sergeants in the Police Departments history. At the same time I had progressed from a 6 year Board Member to Vice President and later President of the Santa Fe Police Officers Association. During My Tenure as president I oversaw an election, which changed the association into the first recognized Public Employees Union in the City of Santa Fe. Thus making me the First President of a City Employees Union. During my time as president of the union and during the previous 6 years I served on the board of the Police Officers Association I fought hard for the rights and responsibilities of the union members. I also served on the Board of Directors of the Santa Fe Fraternal Order of Police for seven years progressing from a Board member, to Vice-President. While with the City Police Department I Attended over 200 hours of additional Police training as well as Police Management training.

In 1995 I left the Police Dept. to become an Entrepreneur. My wife and I owned the Turquoise Trail Mail Center Gifts and Videos on Highway 14 as well as an Advertising Specialty Business. During this time I made my first attempt at running for Sheriff in Santa Fe County in 1998. I ran in a tough Democratic Primary that included 3 other candidates who were more experienced in political campaigns. Although it was my first stab at political office I lost by only 939 votes in a race, which over 17,000 votes, were cast. I took many people by surprise garnering the endorsements of the Santa Fe New Mexican, The Santa Fe Reporter, and many Unions. Our Video store and Mail Center was closed a few years later when the building we leased a portion of, was sold and the lease was not renewed. I worked as a self-employed computer consultant as well as my wife and I managed Storage Properties for one of New Mexico's largest locally owned and operated Self Storage facilities.

In 2001 I began another campaign for Sheriff where I was victorious. I began office on Jan1, 2002 and have been Sheriff since. You can learn more about the Sheriff's Office at In 2005 I began my Re-Election Campaign, You can learn more about that at I am a writer who mostly writes fiction both short stories and I am working on my first fiction novel. In December (what a great Christmas Present) I won second place in the Santa Fe Reporter Short Story Contest. My submission "From Baghdad to Santa Fe" is posted in the links section of my blog, located at the upper right hand column of my blog. So after all that boring past is in front of you all that puts us at today. A new year with a new blog and an election year at that.

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