Thursday, March 09, 2006

Democratic Singles?

I was perusing the New Mexican free web site today when a tile ad caught my eye. It advertised election discussions with democratic singles and offered pictures to view. I rarely click on ads but it piqued my curiosity. Not because I am looking for dates, I am happily married to a beautiful woman. (hope I get points with the wife for that comment) Anyway I just wondered whether the likes of and others were actually working demographics all the way down to the political orientation level. Ok, so I clicked on the ad and found the Democratic People Network. I did not go past the first advertisement page because it required you to sign up and even though it was free I do not like to sign up for stuff on the net.

So for you lonely Democrats or Republicans out there (yes there is a Republican People Network) there is a place to find a mate who matches your political beliefs. This reminds me of the crossfire and other discussions I used to enjoy watching between James Carville and Mary Matalin. For those who may not know they are husband and wife. James Carville is a top Democratic strategist and Mary Matalin is a top Republican strategist. Both Matilin and Carville have gone on record saying that they don't talk politics at home. I find that hard to believe and while my wife and I don't always see one hundred percent eye to eye we have the same core political beliefs. I could not really see it any other way.

I hope if anyone meets their political soulmate as a result of this blog post that you email me and let me know. Who knows maybe this blog can be the start of someone's lasting relationship. For any of you who want a soulmate that can debate you on political beliefs I guess you can always visit the site opposite of your political persuasions. Until next post Be Safe and have a great day!

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claude said...

Sheriff Greg, I'm just stopping by to keep in touch. I'm disappointed that so few people are taking this opportunity to speak directly with you. I hope you will be keeping this effort up. Thanks for the invitation to the PaddyDay feast at FOP. I've never felt comfortable to show up in such a venue, but I'll come by if I'm not too tuckered out from my workweek. I can't vote for you, however, because I live in San Miguel county.