Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Sheriff of the Blogosphere

Usually I am commenting about the news in my blog. This time the news is about this blog. Dan Frosch of The Santa Fe Reporter did an article about my Airport Road annexation blog post. Well Written Dan and thanks for the complement, although I had to look up the word "soliloquies".


claude said...

Sheriff Solano,

I want to welcome you to the blogosphere. Found you via the Reporter article and I want to say I think it's a good thing that you choose to make yourself accesible to your community in this medium. I hope your traffic will pick up as people realise you are here. I am impressed by your willingness to talk about some real issues and to explain your position, such as your post about the DWI vehicle seizure ordinance. I'm hoping you will attract some real conversation here, and that you will have the time to respond directly to some of the feedback. Allowing comments is what turns this into a potential forum, rather than a podium. You will have the opportunity to hear directly from your constituents.

While I am not a resident of Santa Fe County, I make my living there, primariloy, and I spend about half my time there, all of it in the County. I have lived within 60 or so mile of Santa Fe for 35 years, so I've got a bit of insight into what your job is like.

I will spread a little word of your blog around amongst some friends and hope the forum gets livlier.

Good luck on this blog.

Claude Hayward

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Thanks for your comments and your posting on Daily Kos. We have really received a lot of hits directly from your diary post.

claude said...

Oh, Sheriff, it's my pleasure to bring folks together, and I'm really impressed by your willingness to be accessible.

I see your men at work every day, and have had a few rare conversations with a couple of them. Having been a little bit of a bad boy in my past, I know how difficult a job law enforcement is, and underpaid, for the work they have to do.

I applaud any effort you make towards bringing cops and citizens together to talk, because, as I'm sure you are aware, there is too large of a divide between the "protecters" and those served.