Saturday, February 10, 2007

Meth as an Education Tool?

When I read this I could not make up my mind whether to laugh or shake my head in disgust. I ended up doing a little of both. Really though it is no laughing matter.

From the Santa Fe New Mexican 02-10-07

Math teacher makes bad move

A Moriarty High School teacher "made a misjudgment" on an algebra test by using a question about a fictional methamphetamine dealer, principal Wayne Marshall said.

The question reads: "Smoky J. sells meth. Smoky's source says he has to sell a G's worth of meth by the end of the month. If Smoky sold $240 the first week and $532 the second week, how much money must Smoky make if he wants to avoid the beat down from his connection?"

Teacher Will Klundt is a good teacher who tries different methods, but the question was a poor choice, Marshall said.

"He's a hardworking member of the staff, and this is not the norm," the principal said. "This is a fine young man who made a misjudgment. And he understands that, and he's better for it."

Marshall would not say whether disciplinary action will be taken against Klundt.

I realize that teachers try to reach students by sometimes speaking to them in their terms. I remember at De Vargas Junior High I had a math teacher that was good at relating to students on their terms. He was a hispanic teacher with an Afro and a mustache and he kind of resembled Gabe Kaplan of "Welcome Back Kotter". Because of this many of us called him Mr. Kotter, he had a great knack for making the students feel they could talk to him and relate to him. You did not feel as though he was talking down to you. I ran into him years later and I was dismayed when I learned he had quit teaching and became a plumber. This was back at a time when teachers really could not make a living in Santa Fe. I know things have gotten better but we still need to do more to attract and keep good teachers.

So maybe this teacher was trying to relate on the rap music type level with these kids. It was still wrong and in bad taste. Even though each generation has their own style of music and each generations parent usually don't approve, I.E. Elvis, the Beatles, Ozzy Ozborne, Metalica, then on to Tu Pac Shakur for today's generation, We can't condone the use of drugs and violence as teaching tools. There is a huge difference between my old math teacher "Mr. Kotter" and this Math Teacher Will Klundt. I hope he really is a good teacher and this was just a momentary lapse in judgement. If not maybe we can trade one plumbers job for one teachers.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! OK, but what's the answer?

Anonymous said...

I know you're not surpised by much and you're quite aware of the situation we face with the risks some of these teachers take with their licenses.(across the board)

The answer is: He gets the beat down and many more and the percentage continuously goes up. It'a a lose-lose situation on the level the teacher presented.