Monday, October 08, 2007

Tell me bout the good ole days.

I got hooked on blogs as a form of edutainment (education/entertainment). I read some blogs for fun and some for education. Every now and then I get both. I had fun reading this blog however I immediately had to Google the word hagiography thus the educational part kicked in when I learned a new word. Remember when we used to have to pull out the dictionary and actually turn pages to look up something?

I have a Palm Trio Cell Phone and with it I can Google anything, get and send faxes, read and send email and read and draft word and excel documents. Basically my office is in my pocket, I also read and write blogs from my cell phone. It boggles the mind. Remember when every family had an encyclopedia set in the house? They were sold door to door and were quite expensive. For most middle income families they were purchased on an installment plan. Our family did not have much money so ours was kind of old and was given to us. I do remember that when ever I had to look something up I usually ran across a few other articles or something that caught my eye which meant every time I picked up one of them I ended up reading for a while. I included a photo of what encyclopedia's looked like in case some of you young ins have never seen one.

Now I rely on blogs, online newspapers, CNN, CNBC, and the evening news to pique my interest. I used to read Newsweek, Time, Popular Mechanics, and many other magazines. Now the only time I read these are at the hospital or some other waiting area. I do still read trade magazines but thats pretty much it. Only a few times a week do I hold an actual paper in my hand although I have subscriptions and get the daily's I read the online versions every morning, sometimes still laying in bed with my laptop. I do still read weekly, and monthly papers by holding the paper in my hand and turning the pages without a mouse. When they get better at online publishing that will probably end also. Times they are a changing, I have now become my grandmother who used to tell me how things used to be back in her day.......

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Greg, for a reminder of the natural world check this out :-)