Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Santa Fe Reporter Fooling Around Contest!

We have a winner! Laura Paskus has won the contest. The answer is Sheriff Manuel Gordo Sena who was Republican and Sheriff from 1952-1954 !

When the Julia Goldberg of the Santa Fe Reporter called me to ask if I would participate in a contest whereby the winner of a trivia question would get a free ride along with a deputy on duty I thought it might be an April Fools joke. I went along with it and waited until I actually saw the contest in the Santa Fe Reporter before putting this post up.

So It is real and for those of you who visited my blog today to take a stab at answering the question here it is.

When was the last time Santa Fe County had a Republican sheriff?

Bonus round for an official Sheriff's Badge lapel pin. What was that sheriff's name?

Ok, folks send in your answers via the comment section of this blog post. The first correct answer wins the prize. Get both answers correct and win both prizes!

Note: on April 2, 2009 I added a hint somewhere in my blog.


Laura Paskus said...

I have no idea! But can I win a ride for being the first to post?

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

I will tell you what laura and others, I get reports on how people find my blog and the past two days everyone is googling for the answer and the answer is available on line they just need to look in the right place. Since it seems to be really hard for people I will give a hint. If someone were to go to a local Papers website and search the archives for the term " republican sena sheriff " they would find the answer.

Laura Paskus said...

Manuel Gordo Sena! 1956!

It's probably not very fair, though, since I had to use your hint. But I'd sure love to come along for a ride...

(And in the interest of full disclosure, I don't work for SFR, but I have written for the paper before.)

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Laura you are the winner! Call 986-2455 and ask for Patricia. She will set up your ride along. Have Fun!