Friday, September 25, 2009

Funny Friday. Protect Insurance Companies

Here is a public service announcement parody from comedian Will Farrell’s Funny or Die project. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...

Greg.... this is a crud of poop and I truly hope it isn't your underlying view.

Insurance companies rates are regulated by states.

Even the amount of money they have to keep in reserves was tripled by law in 2000. This law was called Triple X.

The public option as it is being proposed now would ruin more than health care!

We do need to make improvements but I would start by making drug companies responsible for the crap they push. Take a look at their profits! This is the real cause of the high insurance rates. And most of the drugs making the drug companies BILLIONS in profits are not even for cures of illnesses or diseases. Even worse they don't produce cures only other issues that require more or added drugs to "manage" effects.

I hope you haven't gotten any drug company money for your campaign... Have you?

It wasn't even funny!

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

No I do not receive money from big lobbyists or drug companies or insurance companies. I firmly believe that the Public Option is what our country needs right now. Private Insurers will still survive as many people will want to stay with their private insurers.

Our nation’s health insurance market can be fixed with a big dose of what fixes most sectors of our economy—healthy, well-supervised competition. One of the best ways to introduce this much-needed competition is for the federal government to offer a public health insurance plan that can compete with private insurers within an insurance “exchange” that ensures public and private health insurance plans compete equally and transparently in the public marketplace.

I do agree with you that affordable prescriptions and keeping costs down on medications is also needed.