Friday, April 28, 2006

Attorney General's, and Sheriff's Race

The state wide Sheriff's Conference has ended and it was a real good conference. The social events ended up really interesting with the different Sheriff's from New Mexico's 33 Counties discussing their various races in an honest and casual atmosphere. This being an election year that was the main topic of conversation outside of the training and meetings.

A forum was held for the Attorney General Candidates. Candidates Lemuel Martinez, Geno Zamora, and Jim Bibb all attended. Notably missing was candidate Gary King, he was reportedly in Geneva Switzerland giving a speech. The forum went well with all candidates coming across knowledgeable and speaking well. I will withhold my opinion on this race except to say that as a staunch democrat I will have no trouble supporting any of the democratic candidates as they are all very qualified and should do a great job. Jim Bibb was young and did somewhat impress me and I am sure we will see more of him (maybe we can get him to change party's). Jim Bibb did seem to emphasize his tour in Afghanistan just a little too much. He deserves much respect for his service but I am not sure that relates to the job of Attorney General.

A big topic at the forum for Attorney General Candidates was the State Treasurer Robert Vigil's Trial. Each candidate took a strong stance on corruption and the investigation and prosecution of government officials involved in corruption. Which brings me to some kudos for The Santa Fe Reporter and their story this week uncovering the connection between Guy Riordan and Con Alma. It was a fact that remained uncovered by all the other news media. They also actually spoke to Eric Serna on the issue which was another exclusive in itself. I wonder if Con Alma will survive the scandals and still be around in a year or two. They do fill a need in New Mexico and do many worthwhile donations and grants.

Two of the three local papers have called to set up meetings for endorsements in the Sheriff's Race. I am hopeful for a home run with all three endorsements. The media in past years has always emphasized freedom of the press issues and access to government records. I can't think of another police agency that is more open than mine. In three years we have never even had a Freedom of Information Act Letter sent to us because I always release information with just a phone call and if I don't release the information I make very clear why and the reporters have always understood. All the media has my cell phone which I answer 24/7 and my home number is even listed in the telephone directory so all constituents can call me at home or at the office. Try looking up my opponents home phone number, you will not find it. I have always tried to be as accessible as I can given my hectic schedule. Endorsements are nice to have but all candidates realize that they don't take the place of hard campaigning and gaining the support of the voters. Due to early and absentee voting many voters have either voted or made up their minds by the time endorsements come (usually the week or weekend before the election). Have a safe weekend!

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