Monday, April 24, 2006

State Cops Conference Time

This week I am at the New Mexico State Sheriff's and Police Association Conference in Albuquerque New Mexico. It is a week long Annual Conference and it includes many hours of training. I am a Vice President of the organization so we are in for a busy week.

The training this year includes Marijuana growing information, Interview, Interrogation and Investigative Strategies, Clandestine Lab Manufacturing Awareness Trends, Terrorism Intelligence, Money Laundering and Terrorist Finance, Avian Flue and Bio Weapons, Fugitives in Mexico, Current Trends in Meth Trade, Taggers, Legal Updates, Intelligence Preparations to Operations and combating Terrorism, and Right Wing Extremists and Hate Group training. There will also be a few non-training discussions on various topics. Whew, that was a lot to list. On top of all that we also have meetings with all the Sheriff's just to share information on what each of us is dealing with in our respective 33 counties.

So you can see that when New Mexico's Sheriff's get together for a conference it is far from a junket or all party. Although there is fun stuff also, Golf and Pistol Tournaments, dinners, award ceremonies and other social events. So this week I will try and fill you all in on the weeks training and events. Maybe I can even through in a few pics of our conference. The Golf Tournament was Sunday April 24th and I did not attend (I must admit I am one of the few politicians I know that has never played golf). I checked into the hotel late tonight and as you can see I am still up past midnight finishing my online Community College homework and blogging.

This week I will travel back and forth to Santa Fe for some items I cannot miss. Tuesday is the first public hearing on the DWI Forfeiture Ordinance. I hope this passes and I do not expect much public resistance. The City is moving forward on this also and I want to thank City Councilor Patty Bushee for getting the ball rolling on this.

Several Times during this week I have NDI practice. NDI is the National Dance Institute which is a children's self esteem building program in Santa Fe. Each year they put on a show with 500 kids in one show and myself, some other deputies and some City Police Officers will join them in the show. Last year Kathy De La Torre a New Mexican Photographer caught me in mid air during this show and while I got a lot of ribbing, the photo was chosen as one of the top 10 of 2005. Some friends photoshop'ed (is photoshop'ed a word?) the pic and added a ballerina and tutu just to have fun with me. I actually enjoy a good joke and it was funny. The kids (and yes there are 500 in one show) really get a kick out of it and it allows them to see cops in a non-stressful situation and get to know them as friends. Usually when kids see cops it is only when something bad is happening you can see I have a busy week but I will try and keep you up to date as the week progresses. Good luck to our new Chief of Police, I know he will do a great job!

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