Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Eye on Albuquerque Treads Dangerous Water

A few months back I ran across the blog, Eye on Albuquerque. I found it while reading Albuquerque Red Light Camera posts on different blogs. It was interesting so I added it to my bloglines list which keeps track of different blogs and lets me see new posts all on one convenient web page. I keep track of 35 different blogs and seem to add to the list often. If you don't use it or a similar feed reader you should try it. Anyway, back to my topic. Eye on Albuquerque is written by an anonymous blogger who has so much information in Albuquerque City Hall that he or she either works there or knows many who do. I think lately he or she is either paranoid or has gone too far and now according to the blog some in city hall want to know who he or she is.

The blog is increasingly treading dangerous water as the blogger and those who comment are making public personnel issues that are protected if true and libel if not, as well as making allegations of a sexual nature against employees and political higher ups. The blogger need not worry about city hall as much as those mentioned in the blog filing civil lawsuits. I am for freedom of speech as much as anyone and I have found the blogger posts interesting if not much like a soap opera. But you must beware, no one is really anonymous on the Internet. It is relatively easy to be tracked and identified. I first found your blog interesting but now even I with all my beliefs of free speech and the power and necessity of blogs and the new electronic media have begun to worry about just how far the blog is going. The comments are even more libel if they are not true or cannot be proved to a preponderance of the law. I am all for open government and having transparency but there is a line, be careful and at least know where that line is and make a conscious decision when you cross it.

By the way I have my own little theory on who the blogger is but I will keep that one to myself, at least until the blogger is outed then I might say "I knew that". LOL

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I agree 100% with you!!