Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Washington Newspaper Roll Call mentions Sheriff Solano for Congress

I ran across my good friend Javier Gonzales the former County Commissioner in the Smiths Grocery Store and he let me know about a story in the Washington Based Newspaper Roll Call. Apparently the paper was reviewing possible scenarios for the different congressional districts and I was mentioned along with Javier and others as possible candidates for Congressional District 3 race should Pete Dominici retire and Rep. Tom Udall run for Pete's Senate seat.It was flattering and interesting to see my name come up in a Washington based Newspaper. While I am considering a Statewide Race I had not even considered a Congressional Seat.

Here is a link to the Roll Call story although a very expensive subscription is required in order to read it.

I did receive a copy of the story and here is the excerpt that mentions me as a possible candidate.

Politics in Northern New Mexico a Family Affair
March 20, 2007
By Josh Kurtz,
Roll Call Staff

The first name mentioned when a vacancy in the 3rd district is discussed is former Santa Fe County Commissioner Javier Gonzales (D). Gonzales was a political wunderkind who was elected to the county commission in 1994 at the age of 27. He is now the president of the Board of Regents at New Mexico Highlands University, works for a national lobbying firm and also runs a popular bilingual radio station. He father is a former mayor of Santa Fe.

But Gonzales is unlikely to have the Democratic field to himself. Two other ambitious young Hispanic politicians in northern New Mexico are Public Utilities Commission Chairman Ben Ray Lujan, son of state Speaker Ben Lujan (D), and attorney Geno Zamora, a former aide to both Udall and Richardson who lost a Democratic primary for attorney general last year.

Political observers also would not be surprised to see the media-savvy Santa Fe County Sheriff, Greg Solano (he has his own blog), run for Congress. And ex-state Sen. Roman Maes (D) always has expressed an interest in the 3rd district seat.

As I said it was interesting and flattering but the scenario had a lot of if's, If Dominici Retires, if Udall runs, etc. etc. and 2008 is still a ways off. State races in 2010 are even longer off and my committment to Sheriff does not end until 2010.


Rock Solid said...

2010...see ya then...not that we won't be on the look-out for ya around town til then...
nothing but the best for the best of the best...

rocky said...

a little something extra for someone with a little something extra goin' on for him...

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