Thursday, April 12, 2007

Thanks to supporters on Jail Issues.

I want to thank all those who have called, emailed, written letters, and editorials of support for my stance on the jail issues. It really makes a difference in my family's life and in my life and spirit to get these words of encouragement. Almost a hundred different people have let me know that they support me and thanked me for my efforts. To top all that off was the editorial in todays New Mexican which was the icing on the cake for me, Thank you New Mexican. Sometimes you wonder if charging the windmill is worth it but this time I have no doubt. It was for a good cause and it was worth it. On the other hand I have begun to reach out to the Commissioners and the County Manager and will continue to do so as far as getting the rest of the county business done. We still have to work together for 2-4 years depending on when each of our terms of office end.

By the way, had to look up the word putsch that was used in the New Mexican Editorial if any of you need it here is the definition:

putsch \PUCH ('u' as in 'push')\, noun:
(Sometimes capitalized) A secretly planned and suddenly executed attempt to overthrow a government.


Anonymous said...

The view is now that the jails are money maker's there was a grab to take control...all the warning signs were there and fielded. The set-up was unavoidable.

We'd like to know who hired the standing facility director, who has so much support, and who is this person? We realize that you wish to continue to work with the facilities, so we're acknowledging this is a reach for a disclosure.

It's also not clear where the main issues lay, at both jails? Is the Administrator in charge of both jails? Do the employees have all the necessary tools to prepare the proper papers required when doing intakes or releases? Isn't there a computer program required and do both jails have that program and are the employees trained on how to use it?

One or two final questions, are there only certain designated persons who report to you when there may be a problem at the jails and why is that? Why can't anyone report who may be involved in an incident or do they? That's not clear because of claims that you received reports too late to investigate and it boils down to a he said, he said.

Someone put it best, 'by standing back and watching you may be able to assess the situation much clearer as to remainders and details.'

Wonder who the new Sheriff will be in three years, that won't want the responsibility of handling the jails?

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Great questions,look at my next post to read my answers.