Monday, February 22, 2010

New Blog Torches New Mexico Politicians.

I was perusing facebook when I noticed numerous politicians including Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish, Albuquerque City Councilor Ken Sanchez, State Representative Ken Martinez, and Lieutenant Governor Candidate Lawrence Rael as well as several news media personalities had become friends with defamation suit. I never friend anyone who's name, photo, or other info looks suspicious without checking them out so I clicked on the facebook page and learned it was basically a facebook page to promote a new blog called Always one to investigate further I went to the blog where I found a blog like no other in New Mexico.

Now before you go looking let me warn you. The writer fancies his or herself a comedian, but not a Sinbad type comedian known for his lack of profanity but much more like Richard Pryor known for his harsh profanity laden humor. All politicians are fair game to this blog and partisanship is no shield. Although I have not seen the writer make fun of independents or green party candidates,.... Yet.

The writer is also not above making fun of our Lieutenant Governors female body parts or beyond lambasting the accent in Lt. Governor candidates Brian Colón's name, or whether or not he is Hispanic (had to google to figure out how to add the accent). The writer is also good with photoshop and animations as he or she has shown in the numerous photos accompanying the blog posts.

(photoshop photo from

One photoshop art work shows a scene from a cocaine overdosed Al Pacino in Scarface with the head of Pete Dominici Jr. superimposed. The writer is anonymous and the only disclaimer on the web site is this: "This site makes humorous statements about public figures. Please keep your cease-and-desist e-mails to yourself." Now my writing about this persons blog probably puts a target on my back but heed this warning "I know what you drive!" LOL, see I can make a funny too.

The media is also not above lambasting as the writer makes fun of a story by Dan Mayfield an Albuquerque Journal reporter. The writer so far is careful to only comment on items already in the public and to comment on public figures thus avoiding an actual defamation suit but watch out, even the National Enquirer has lost a suit or two.

Continuing in my investigative ways I checked to see who the domain name was registered too and found the writer uses a service called . The service allows individuals to register domain names through the service and for an extra fee of $9.00 a year they will be the named registered owner for you. The service does not protect your name in a civil or criminal matter when a subpoena or search warrant has been issued.

Anyhow, needless to say I will not be facebook friends with this site but I think many will be reading the blog if only just to see what is being said about us politicians next. The one thing this site is good for is showing anyone considering running for office why you need a thick skin and a loving family who can put up with all that will be said or written about you.


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