Friday, February 19, 2010

Sheriff Reacts to Domenici Jr.'s Cocaine Use.

New Mexico Law Enforcement Officials React to Domenici Jr.'s Drug Admission

February 18, 2010

ALBUQUERQUE - Two prominent New Mexico law enforcement officials, District Attorney Lemuel Martinez and Sheriff Greg Solano, reacted today to news that Domenici Jr. used illegal drugs and classified cocaine as a recreational drug in recent radio interview.

A copy of the letter is attached and the text of the letter is pasted below. A short audio clip of the Domenici Jr. interview is also attached. (attachment below)

February 18, 2010

Dear Citizens of New Mexico:

Last night, a candidate for Governor said something on the radio that deeply disturbed us – and probably many other listeners as well. During an interview on KKOB, Pete Domenici Jr. admitted that he had used cocaine, but what troubled us more was the fact that he called it a “recreational drug.”

Cocaine is not a recreational drug, plain and simple. It’s extremely unfortunate that a candidate for Governor would downplay the harmful nature of such an addictive and deadly drug.

As law enforcement officials on the front lines trying to get drugs like cocaine off our streets, we’re outraged by Pete Domenici Jr.’s careless characterization. Today we call on him to do the right thing and apologize for giving New Mexico children the impression that experimenting with cocaine is acceptable. Needless to say, it’s not.

Furthermore, as law enforcement officials and as concerned citizens, we sincerely hope Mr. Domenici Jr. will be honest with the people of New Mexico and say when he last used cocaine.

Mistakes can be forgiven, and many New Mexico families are facing similar problems, but the people of New Mexico deserve to know the facts.


Lemuel Martinez, District Attorney, New Mexico's 13th District
Greg Solano, Santa Fe County Sheriff

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Domenici for Governor said...

Thank you, Sheriff and Mr. District Attorney,

I appreciate your concern, and believe that if you heard the entire and clear implication of my statement on KKOB--I was honestly responding to a question--and my answer explained the recreational use made of a dangerous drug.

The context and my intent were not in any manner meant to imply the drug was not dangerous.

I also included in my comments a clear admonition to and concern for our youth who should not have to experience bad things to learn they are bad.

So we are very much on the same side on this important issue, except of course that I admit that I am a Republican, yet the both of you do not reveal in your letter that you are democrats, and that one of you was a democrat candidate previously running for lieutenant governor and that you are both actively supporting one of my opponents for governor.

Best wishes,
Pete Domenici, Jr.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Thank you Mr Domenici for reading my blog. It is hard to run for office and I commend you for it. But, these races are partisan and anyone who reads my blog, facebook, twitter or op-ed's for years, know I am an unabashed democrat and I believe many New Mexicans know I am a former Democratic Candidate for Lieutenant Governor and Sheriff elected in Santa Fe County as a Democrat in a partisan race. While I commend you for running for office, character and common sense are important attributes for the highest office in our state and I truly feel Cocaine use and justifying it as recreational is worthy of discussion by the citizens who will chose our next governor.

New Mexican said...

Some questions I would pose to Mr. Domenici.

1. How long was the use of both drugs, was it occasionally or regular?

2. Is he willing to turn in the names of his suppliers. All of them?

3. Does he realize how many people are in prison for drug use he has admitted to?

Robert Shapiro said...

Hi Greg,

I do so heartily approve of your response here in this situation. Again though it makes me wonder - and I really feel you're going to be approached seriously to run for some other kind of office than you've been holding.

I feel it's probably going to be Congress and also feel that you would do well there but you know, there will be issues about family and home and where to live.

I'm bringing this up again because I feel, if you have not already been approached you will be before long.

So just wanted to say that gently.

It's up to you of course but I feel you would make a fine Congressman.



Jason Rowe said...

Mr. Solano:

Are you really telling us that you were never a youth? That you made every choice growing up perfectly. No, Pete Domenici, Jr., is not a professional politician but only speaks like us regular people. He certainly did not promote cocaine for recreation and your implication otherwise is the work of a prototype professional word pinching politician.

Likewise, Mr. Martinez ought know better. I suppose he is the angel as between the two of you???

I hear Pete Domenici talking quite knowledgeably about many, many issues such as energy use, budget balancing, rural land usages, and health policy.

I would certainly be more inclined to listen to anything you and Mr. Martinez have to say if you were addressing (let alone knowledgeably) even one of these important issues.

Everyone heard Mr. Domenici on the radio and they know what he said and what he meant. It doesn't help you any to mess around when there is so much important right now.

I find your dishonesty more dangerous than any previous drug usage.

Pete Domenici show he is not a game player: He told truth and can be relied upon for that type of character.

You and Mr. Martinez, however, show yourselves as well: Old School Mud Slingers with no actual ability to help the public deal with the very critical issues of this day.

New Mexican said...

Domenci admitted he was or maybe is a criminal. Does that not bother anyone?

Anonymous said...

Domenici Jr:

You said in your interview that you used cocaine in the 1980's. You started working in law in the 1980's as well.

My question would be :

Were you using drugs while at work, or while representing a client?

How can we be sure of that?