Friday, February 05, 2010

Sheriff Solano Endorses Mayor Coss Re-election

I just announced my endorsement for Mayor David Coss. You can read the press release below. At the end of the day, I just think he's the right leader for Santa Fe and has the ability to bring people together to solve pressing issues and reduce crime.

Last summer there was a peak in residential burglaries. Working with the Mayor and the City Police we were able to bring down the burglary rate 57% in the last six months.

David has an impressive record and his administration has a long record of working with the Sheriff's Office to ensure that the citizens are protected inside or outside the city or County. Keep in mind criminals don't care whether they are in the city or county and the same burglars victimize families in both jurisdictions.

The joint City and County Burglary and Narcotics Task Forces have made huge strides in keeping crime down even during our tough economic times where many cities are experiencing even higher property crime rates than we have experienced. Most notable is the dozens of arrests and thousands of dollars of property recovery's the task forces have made in the past year. I hope you will join me in supporting the Re-election of Mayor Coss in the City of Santa Fe.

Below is the official press release.

Date: Friday, February 5, 2010

Santa Fe, NM -- Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano announced his endorsement of Mayor David Coss today, citing his ability to bring people together to solve pressing issues in Santa Fe and reduce crime.

I continue to be impressed by Mayor Coss. The fact that he increased police officers on the city police force from 124 to 154 officers over the last 4 years is credit to his strong stance on public safety,” said Sheriff Solano. These increases in police on the streets are more than any Mayor in Santa Fe’s history. I have complete faith in his ability to lead Santa Fe during these trying times.”
Mayor Coss said, “I’m very honored to have the support of Sheriff Solano. I have great respect for his work in the County and look forward to our continued collaborative efforts to keep Santa Feans safe.”
Mayor Coss has worked with local law enforcement, community advocates, and neighborhood watches in Santa Fe to reduce crime. As a result, the number of police officers on the streets has increased by 24%, there are over 120 neighborhood watch groups, violent crime is at the lowest level in eight years, and burglaries have decreased by 57% over the last six months.
For more information on the campaign to re-elect Mayor David Coss, contact Sandra Wechsler @ (505) 231-5866 or


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