Friday, May 26, 2006

11 Days To Go!

The June 6, 2006 primary is eleven days away and the campaigns are heating up! I have watched the Attorney General Ads heat up on TV with Geno Zamora and Gary King airing some hard hitting commercials. The Santa Fe County Assessors race and the Magistrate Court races are also heating up.

I began radio ads almost two weeks ago and voters got a look at my print ads in publications such as Round the Roundhouse, The Santa Fe Reporter, The Santa Fe New Mexican and the Albuquerque Journal North. Look for additional publications next week.

My opponent and I faced off in the last scheduled forum in Eldorado at the Community Center last night. It was a structured debate that became heated towards the end as my opponents negative campaigning continued. I will not get negative and instead will continue to talk about what I have done and will continue to do in a future Sheriff Solano Administration. Look for pictures from the forum to be posted soon at my campaign web site If you would like to view my opponent and I in a debate you can do so by watching Community Access Channel 16 on Comcast Cable at the following dates and times. May 29, at 9am, June 1, at 2pm, and June 4, at 8pm.

I really believe that if you have not made up your mind or have any doubts, that watching this forum will convince you that I am the best qualified candidate. I believe this so much that I purchased print ads publicizing the dates and times that the forum will be televised.

My campaign staff has been working overtime helping me put up more signs as citizens continue to call for them, meet with voters, attending forums and political events, waving signs at street corners and raising funds to pay for it all. I really appreciate them all and I could not do it with out them. I am often in awe of these friends, family and supporters who believe in me.

Now I am waiting for the final endorsements to come out. So far I have received the endorsements from AFSCME Local 1782, The Fraternal Order of Police, and the Albuquerque Journal North. Julie Goldberg talks about the frustration at writing the endorsement issue at the Santa Fe Reporter on her Blog. Trust me Julie waiting for the results of your writing is as grueling if not more that writing them must be. Oh well, we each have our cross to bear.

DO NOT FORGET TO VOTE! The last day to early vote is June 3, 2006. Click here for early voting sites and times.

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