Thursday, May 04, 2006

Pop Quiz

I forgot in my last post to mention the Santa Fe Reporters Pop Quiz. These things are fun to read but nerve racking to answer the questions when they call you. You get an unannounced call and they ask you the questions and you must answer right there and then. The reporter writes exactly what you say and that's it. I actually knew that Rachel O' Conner is the DWI Czar however at the time I mixed her up with Linda Atkinson who is the director of the DWI Resource Center. I had her on my mind because she assisted me a lot with the statistics and research for the DWI forfeiture Ordinance. Other wise I answered all the questions and the quiz went well. Take a click on the link above to see how my opponent and I did.

P.S. , sorry Rachel O' Conner I bet I remember you next time I am asked.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Linda Ortiz has a lot of "I don't know, I don't know" I got a kick out of reading it. She needs to learn a bit before she runs, HIT THE BOOKS LINDA!

Clyde Torres said...

Wow Linda, is this what "Changing the Dynamics!" is? "Uhhhh, I dunno", "uh..your asking me questions I don't know the answers to!" Keeping it real stupid isn't going to get you votes Linda! Stick to making bad calls on the streets instead of trying to ruin a whole good department!