Sunday, May 07, 2006

Register to Vote by Tuesday!

Tuesday May 9, 2006 is the last day you can register to vote and still cast your ballot in the June 6, 2006 Primary. Only those registered as a Democrat can vote in the Sheriff's race, as well as the many other races which have no Republican opponents. Many Races will be decided in the June 6, primary in Santa Fe County as there are seldom Republicans running in this county. As a side note the County is looking for Election day workers! It takes a lot of good help to make the democratic process of elections work. Please consider taking the day to help with elections. Poll Workers get $130 for the day and $150 for presiding judges. Click here for more information on working the polls.

As election day gets closer the candidate forums are starting to be scheduled. May 25, 2006 there is one tentatively scheduled in Eldorado and on May 19, 2006 my wife and I will celebrate our 22 year wedding anniversary and her birthday by attending a forum scheduled in Edgewood. I will owe her a dinner and a night out on a different date to make it up to her. It is a good thing I have such a supportive and understanding wife. Even though we are celebrating our 22 wedding anniversary we have been together for 26 years, Since we were 16 years old. Hard to believe so many years have passed and now here we are with our first grandchild.

Anyway, If you are not yet registered to vote get out and do so by Tuesday!

You may register at the following locations:

Santa Fe County Clerks office at 102 Grant Avenue
Office of the Secretary of State at 325 Don Gaspar
Motor Vehicle Division located at 2544 Camino Edward Ortiz
MVD Express located at the corner of Calle Lorca and St Michaels Drive
Santa Fe Public Library at 145 Washington Avenue
Santa Fe Community College at 6401 Richards Avenue
Santa Fe Indian School at 1501 Cerrillos Road
St. Johns College at 1160 Camino de Cruz Blanca
Children, Youth and Families Department at 1920 5th Street
Human Services Department at 2542 Cerrillos Road
Health Department at 605 Letrado Street
Vocational Rehabilitation at 2109 Warner Circle
Commission for the Blind at 2905 Rodeo Road Park E, Bldg 4, Ste. 100
Commission for the Deaf at 2055 South Pacheco
Veterans Service Commission at the Bataan Memorial Building/Don Gaspar
Developmental Disabilities Planning Council at 810 W. San Mateo, Ste. C

Voter Registration is also provided for the clients of the following home health care agencies:

Professional Home Health Care at 10 Calle Medico
Visions Case Management at 1570 Pacheco Street
EGIS at 227 East Palace, Ste. N

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