Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Televised Sheriff Candidate Forum

Santa Fe Community Television channel 16 and KSFR Radio sponsored a televised forum for Sheriff's Candidates tonight at the Community College. The forum was taped for later showings and will be on air at 8 pm on May 20, May 26, and June 4. It will also air at 1pm on May 21, 23, and at 9 am on May 29, It will also air at 2 pm on June 1, 2006. The discussion was moderated by Bill Dupuy the on air news anchor from KSFR Radio. It was an informal format with more of a Charlie Rose feel to it as opposed to the normal debate type format.

I feel things went really well, my opponent has a much less issue oriented campaign and answered the questions much more broadly then I tried to answer them. When she did cite numbers or specifics they tended to be skewed or just plain wrong. I am not sure whether this is on purpose or if she just does not have the right information. Either way I felt really good with the forum. If you have not heard one or either of us speak the forum would be worth watching. It is only a half hour so its not a long drawn out forum and should be easy to watch. You must have comcast cable to watch the program and it is on channel 16. If you do get to see it please feel free to email me with any further questions or comments at sfsheriff@aol.com.

The Santa Fe Reporter will be coming out with their endorsements on May 31,and the New Mexican and Albuquerque Journal usually come out the week before the election which is June 6, 2006. I am looking forward to these and have my fingers crossed. These endorsements come out late for early and absentee voting but can still assist with last minute undecided voters. Today marks three weeks to the Primary Election, it is getting busier everyday as election day approaches.

I really enjoy the campaign and getting out and meeting the voters. Over the years I have met some running for office who really don't enjoy the campaigning part of the job. To me this would seem as something that if you don't enjoy it I really can't see running for office. It is so integral to public office that I believe you really must enjoy running for office in order to be a successful public servant.
Well I am yawning so I will cut this post short and hit the sack. Tomorrow morning I will be attending the Law Enforcement Memorial Services which begin at 10:00am at the Law Enforcement Academy. It is always a sad service and each year it seems we always have someone's name to add to the wall. Maybe this time next year we will not add any new names. We can only hope and pray. For those who have never been to one of these services I will try and describe the services as they occurred this year, tomorrow night in this blog.

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