Monday, June 05, 2006

Twas the night before elections.

Its just about midnight and we are all still working hard preparing for election day in just 7 hours. I have to hand it to all my volunteers they are the greatest. We have over 20 polling places covered with poll workers holding up signs and soliciting the last votes. The F.O.P. Hall is decorated, over 100 lunches are ready or just about ready to go. ( we feed other candidates poll workers as well as the election workers until the food is gone.)

Over 200 tamales are going to the hall as well as roaster after roaster of beans and chili. Sheet cakes are being prepared and signs have been put up at as many of the polling places as we could get to. I am sure tomorrow I will have forgot something but it will all fall together. I never get more than a few hours sleep the night before the election but the adrenaline and excitement of the day carries us forward.

One last thing, THANK YOU, thanks to all who read my blog, helped my campaign, voted for me in early and absentee voting and will vote for me tomorrow. I want to thank the citizens of Santa Fe County who make this the greatest place on earth to live. Win or lose I am a very blessed man with so many friends who believe in me and my administration. I want to thank my staff and deputies whose hard work has helped our administration accomplish so much. I want to thank the commissioners, county staff from the County Manager on down for all their help the last four years. I also want to thank the media, they have always been professional and fair even when the news was not good. The local press especially are really top notch and they really care about the community and keeping the public informed.

Finally I want to thank my Family who really put up with a lot. Its very hard being an elected officials child or wife, or brother and sister, even my cousins an in laws who get asked to call me to check on one thing or another. I owe my family many missed vacations, holidays and birthdays. My own wife spent her birthday and our wedding anniversary campaigning for me in Edgewood. I really, really owe her for that one.

Anyway, Go vote if you haven't already, God Bless you all and see you on Wed, which is probrably the soonest I will blog again. (maybe).

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