Sunday, June 04, 2006

Your Invited!

Well, two days to go and its going at a hectic pace. Yesterday (Saturday June 3, 2006) my dedicated volunteers and myself hit 7 different functions and shook literally hundreds of hands in the one day. We started out at the Soccer fields at the City Municipal Recreation Complex where it was opening day for kids soccer. I was told there were 900 kids playing and there must have been over twice that many family members in attendance.

Next we went to Eldorado where they had a great car show and community day and I must say some really tasty Frito Pies! From there it was off to a political event for Mary Herrera on Alameda street where a Tom Jones impersonator wowed the audience. That was a fun event where I ran into some people I had not seen since my last election in 2002.

From there we headed off to a political event for Representative Lucky Varela, it was in a neighborhood park in Barrio La Canada. It had a real old time gathering feel to it and it was the first time in over a week I have run into my opponent at any event or gathering. The crowd was enthusiastic and many candidates, even those unopposed showed up and gave last minute pleas for votes.

Next it was off to Museum Hill where I attended two different events, one a fundraiser for a young man who was shot earlier this year, and the second a retirement party. We ended the night at a graduation party for a good friend who graduated from the University of Phoenix. Home at midnight I grabbed some sleep and we are back at it today starting with a breakfast at 7 am. I have to give a big thanks to my volunteers and my wife, who had a long, long, long day attending all these events with me!

Finally, I want to give you all your own personal invitation to join us at our election night party! Click here to receive your invitation. Thank you all for your support, Thank you for your vote, and if you have not voted early or absentee please vote on Tuesday June 6, 2006!

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Anonymous said...

Good luck on june 6th Greg. i'm an expat living, in Australia, checking out 'new mexico' via the www ... read some of yur stuff and am very impressed. real people ... like yurself ... in real positions of power ... there's hope for us all yet!