Monday, June 26, 2006

Update your blogity blog blog.

I have been out of town and working on projects and my wife sent me an email today reminding me I had a blog. The title of her email was "Update your blogity blog blog".

I spent three days in Taos New Mexico Meeting with Sheriff's and county officials from across the state. That was Wednesday through Friday. I then returned to begin large scale excavation and construction in my back yard throughout the weekend. Ok, maybe not large scale however it was enough to cause a good sunburn, sore joints and much pain. I dug out a whole lot of gravel and replaced it with patio brick, a store bought gazebo, and some patio furniture. In the plans was a fire pit but the rain on Sunday cut short my time to continue the project. Came home today after work hoping to get a couple of hours of time on the project but once again rain stopped that idea. The election kept me from getting to this project earlier in the summer and now its just my luck that the badly needed rain starts as I am working on my backyard. Not that I am complaining, we need the rain.

Anyhow, here is a pic of our first dinner under the gazebo on the patio that Greg built. It was taken with my camera phone so it is not the greatest quality. There is still much construction mess and yard work to be done but regardless of the fact that it was a little cold after the rain storm we ate our dinner out on the patio.

Now back to the conference. The event is a yearly one put on by the New Mexico Association of Counties. Among many discussions the big topic of conversations was who won their races and who did not throughout the state. Pretty much all the incumbent Sheriff's were re-elected however some of the undersheriff's were not. In some cases that left both with out jobs for next year. There were a few sheriff's who ran for magistrate judge positions across the state and I ran into one who was elected and one who lost the race to an incumbent Magistrate. Last week was a very stressful one for me and at least on Thursday night I had some time to relax with a great impromptu get together after the conference activities ended for the day. I had a great time and some friends even got to see my Elvis impression. That is something usually reserved for karaoke nights however the guitar players really kicked in with some great jams.

The Governors race was another topic of discussions as well as the Attorney Generals and Secretary of States Race. Mary Herrera and Gary King seemed to have the most widespread support among those who were involved in the discussions with me. Mary even garnering support among Republicans from Southern New Mexico. Many of the people I spoke with also felt Heather Wilson was in for the toughest election she has ever had with support from democrats being unanimous although most did not live in her district. I for one am hoping for one less Republican from the Great State of New Mexico in Congress.

Ok, besides all the mitote we had great meetings and training including updates from the last legislative session, what's planned for the next legislative session and training from the State Law Enforcement Academy and exciting classes from our insurance carriers on risk management. Even though it seems like someone is always suing someone around here actually New Mexico Sheriff's Offices have really low claim rates and are doing a pretty good job at keeping claims down. I want to close this blog post by dedicating it to my wife Antoinette, Ants here is your updated blogity blog blog.

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Anonymous said...

Heather's definitly in for it this time round. Don't know if you've ever dealt with her but her Staff is well, not so good, if you know what I mean.