Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Bill Richardson for President 2008 Memorabilia

Are you itching for a Bill Richardson for President 2008 Bumper Sticker, Clock, T-Shirt, Coffee Mug, or perhaps your dog has been howling for a Richardson 08 t-shirt ? Cafe Press is a Web Site where users design their own products and then sell them on the Cafe Press Web Site. If your item sells the company prints the item and ships it for you. They have a base price for each item and each seller then marks their items up to achieve the profit they wish to receive on the item.

A quick check on the Cafe Press web site shows at least 50 items for the Re-election of Governor Richardson and promoting Governor Richardson for the Presidential nomination in 2008. The items range from a Richardson for President Clock, to a Coffee Mug, and yes even your infant can be sporting a Richardson for President Bib, and Sleeper. Don't forget your Richardson for President Greeting Cards, and Postcards.

Richardson has even been combined with Barack Obama as a Vice Presidential running mate in a bumper sticker. I could not find a way to see how many items have been sold however for someone not running for President you can certainly buy many Richardson for President items. One thing I did not see yet was a Richardson for President set of Boxer shorts so if your dying to sell on Cafe Press, maybe I just gave you an idea for the next big seller.

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