Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Happy Fourth of July!


I wish you all a Happy Fourth of July from my family to yours! At this time of the year we all clean off the BBQ Grills, pull out the lawn chairs and celebrate the freedoms that come with independence day. On this day in 1776 America declared its independence from Great Britain. It was the begining of a free America. These freedoms did not come easy and many lives were given up to ensure these freedoms for our generation. Our generation will also give up many lives to ensure these same freedoms for our children and grandchildren. That is a hard pill to swallow. Many times these are easy words to say, much harder to live, when your loved one is one whose life was given in the pursuit of freedom. From our soldiers through out the world, to our law enforcement officers across the nation, from our firefighters, border patrols, and yes even our politicians and news crews throughout the world all have given lives in the daily struggle to keep our nation free and live up to the ideals drafted by our forefathers.

Today as I sit on my comfortable patio with my laptop and wireless connection, the BBQ grill hot and ready and the cool breeze of a perfect afternoon keeping the temperature down, I think about those who don't have it so easy today. The soldiers in war zones trying to picture themselves at grandmothers house with all the kids running around and the intoxicated uncle starting to get on their nerves, and wishing they were actually there.

I think about the officer patrolling the streets, hoping that their tour of duty takes them near home so they can stop in to say hi and grab a piece of watermelon, all while rushing from call to call to deal with a few of those intoxicated uncles. The border patrol agents are in my thoughts and prayers as they man their posts and patrol the border. Out in the middle of no where there is little chance for a Fourth of July Celebration, little chance that they can run by the house and grab a quick piece of watermelon. The firemen and women come to mind, grabbing a quick Fourth of July lunch before they head out and patrol the streets looking for illegal fireworks and just being a presence in the neighborhoods. Each of them hoping that the only fires they will see is the flash of sparklers but realistically praying that the inevitable fires will all be small and easily manageable.

You notice I mentioned politicians and media in my post. I am reminded of the assassinations of great politicians like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy and Robert Kennedy, the attempted assassinations of presidents like Ronald Reagan . The deaths of news crews at war torn nations as they perform the noble service of keeping us informed and government in check comes to my mind as well.

All of these hero's and many others like the activists such as Martin Luther King and Ceasar Chavez, who make America what is through the ultimate sacrifice come to my mind today. So, as we each celebrate Fourth of July lets not forget those who's sacrifices make this day possible. Tomorrow as we go back to our jobs lets not forget that we may be called upon to make a sacrifice, maybe a small one, or maybe the ultimate sacrifice, and when that day comes we must step up, remembering that we must insure the Fourth of July's for the future generations.

Have a very Happy Fourth of July.


Anonymous said...

That was absolutely beautiful Sheriff! Let's pray that nobody has to make the ultimate sacrifice.! Also, not to heckle, you but, I remember you made a promise a few posts back to talk about your Reserve Program and how to join. How did that go, by the way?

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

I appologize, my next post will address the reserves.