Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Congratulations Santa Fe Reporter

I am sure Julia Goldberg will go into more detail on her blog or in the next issue of The Santa Fe Reporter however, I want to congratulate the Santa Fe Reporter on its Best of Santa Fe Issue and the Awards Ceremony and Party held on Tuesday night (July 25, 2006). My Wife Antoinette and I were among the invited guests who filled the Lensic Theater for Santa Fe's newest version of the Academy Awards Ceremony.

Max Friedenberg the Director of High Mayhem Emerging Arts played Santa Fe's own Billy Crystal. He and the Santa Fe Reporter Staff put on a great music filled, witty and entertaining show. All this while they gave out awards for everything from the "best local politician not under investigation" to the "Best Soup when you want lunch that's liquid". I won't give away the winners, you will have to visit the Santa Fe Reporter Website or pick up the really nice 140 page issue that came out today. At the awards ceremony there was a great list of presenters and just like the Oscars the winner of the best band category played a set as well as the best female singer who gave a rousing performance as good as any I have ever seen at the Oscars. I did go home and have nightmares after seeing Reporter Nathan Dinsdale in a lime green dress and fishnet stockings as he accompanied Reporter Dan Frosch as presenters during the ceremony. My suggestion for next year, Let Dan wear the dress.

After the awards ceremony guests were invited to Swig and even provided some free drink tickets to gather and celebrate. Antoinette and I walked over to Swig where we joined many winners celebrating. One of the winners Governor Bill Richardson (ok I am giving away one of the winners names), who popped in and made quite a stir as people crowded around him for a photo or to just shake his hand.

So to the Staff at my favorite independent newspaper and its leader Julia Goldberg I congratulate you on a great night and an excellent issue. I look forward to next year, please don't forget my invite and we could have used more drink tickets. Of course I did not drink and drive!

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