Saturday, September 15, 2007

Interesting comments on previous post

There has been some interesting comments on one of my previous posts. In the post I ended my ramblings with a comment on Eye on Albuquerque's thoughts on whether I will continue blogging now that I have announced a run for Lieutenant Governor. I ended my post with a the quote "you never have to remember what you said if you always say the truth".

This has sparked interesting comments and even a lesson from one reader on how to lie effectively. It's not the kind of thing I thought people would learn by reading my blog but they are some interesting comments.

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Anonymous said...

You know, Sheriff, now that I've thought a little more about it, some liars continuously lie and it seems like they can't stop themselves and then there we're stuck with accepting them for the way they are, because most of their lies are little and insignificant. It's still not an easy thing to do when you, yourself, don't engage in lieing. And when you confront that person with the truth about what they said they still continue with "they never said that" or "you hear what you want to hear"...oh, there's a myriad of come backs that are almost impossible to surmount at times.