Thursday, September 20, 2007

Together We Can Change History!

Together we can change history, Or at least we can correct it.

R. Parker from the windy city posted my comments lamenting the fact that I lost out on a lunch due to misinformation from Our Campaigns, on the Our Campaigns web site. Within 20 minutes of R. Parker's post, the web site was corrected. If you don't remember back in July, I made an attempt to win a free lunch from Joe when he had a contest on his blog which offered the meal if you could answer this question: What were the names of the four candidates who sought the 1982 Democratic nomination for the District 3 northern congressional seat in New Mexico. One of the names I submitted was Charles Perez which I obtained from Our Campaigns, Joe insisted this was incorrect and that the candidate was actually George Perez.

I claimed a conspiracy and called for a congressional investigation. LOL. Anyway, today I found a large number of visits to my blog from the Our Campaigns website. I investigated and found that R. Parker posted my comments along with a link to my blogpost. about 20 people followed the link to my blog. George can now relax knowing that history has been corrected. And me ? I'm still hungry.

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