Sunday, September 16, 2007

O.J. Simpson In Jail Again.

After a busy Saturday, I was watching E Hollywood True Story on Sunday, relaxing with my granddaughter when the show was interrupted for breaking news. O.J. Simpson was in jail again, this time the charges were not yet released but it was related to a reported armed robbery in Sin City. This case is very interesting in that O.J. and some acquaintances are accused of breaking into a hotel room at the Palace Station Hotel and retrieving some personal belongings he claims were stolen from him years ago. O.J. and accomplices are accused of taking these items at gunpoint.

He has made statements to police and the press and claims he did go to the room and retrieve items that were stolen from him, however he denies doing so at gunpoint. There seems to be no dispute that the items were stolen from him years ago. Therefor all he had to do was call the police and have them retrieve the items rather than engaging in his own sting operation. This will probably be a text book case for not taking the law into your own hands. What I have not seen happen yet is whether the alleged victims in the case will also be charged with possession of stolen items. The fact that the victims reported the crime seems to mean they are not afraid of being investigated.

Casino's are usually filled with camera's and O.J.'s trip from the lobby to the room is probably on film footage some where. That footage may or may not reveal some evidence. The fact that two weapons have reportedly been recovered and a previous arrest was already made means the noose is tightening around the case. Everyone remembers the first O.J. case and I am sure the D.A.'s Office in this case made sure they had a case before making the arrest.

The police department in this case is in a no win situation. The first line of defense will be to attack the police. Remind you of the last O.J. case? Police will be accused of "going after O.J." because he is a celebrity, because they wanted to get him after the last case, or just because.

O.J. will be made out to be the victim. Someone who could not rely on police, or did not trust the police so he had to take the law into his own hands in this case. In Sin City there is a good chance a jury will buy this argument. In one of the most liberal, do as you wish cities in America two wrongs just might make a right. I personally could never believe the verdict in the last O.J. Simpson case. As a police officer I have seen cases go awry when they go from the investigation to the courthouse. I have also seen local attorneys like Gary Mitchell make the police out to be the bad guys and in the process set a killer free. Don't get me wrong the defense attorney's were doing their job and in the battle of the courtroom they prevailed in the eyes of a jury. It is the system we call American Justice and most of the time it does work. None the less I still could not believe the O.J. verdict.

I can see the pavlov's dogs rushing to eat as the media hears O.J.'s bell being rung. It will be a long fall where my guess is we will see not much else on the news for the next few months. Of course maybe I am just as bad, I am here writing about it also.


Anonymous said...

We all still have unresolved thoughts and gut feelings about that guy. He's different than the 'teflon don', more like a Jim Brown, who use their celebrity sports status to get away with violent activities and somehow get to blame it on everyone else. Most criminals always say it was someone else's fault, it's never their fault. And already, he seems to be caught in his first lie, that guns weren't involved, and the police recovered two weapons.

What is the best course of action for the Police to get a conviction? Is there one? How do you nail a guy like this who was well known in Hollywood for his unlawful activities, especially in the club scene in the old days?
Will having the other participants turn on him be enough in this case?

His poor children have suffered all these years with no way out.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

There will have to be over whelming evidence and a good prosecutor to counter the big money attorneys who will come to O.J.'s 't aide. Money really will not matter since some big name attorneys will take a reduced fee in exchange for the fame and fortune which will come later.

The jury will have to overcome the fact that these items were probably stolen from him and many people believe in their heart that you should be able to take back what is yours. O.J.'s attorneys will claim he had an understandable mistrust of police.

Natalie said...

Tmz has the audio from it... it sounds like a strong-arming kind of deal. Lots of profanity, lots of "Up against the wall" stuff...

YouTube also has the footage.

You were right. It didn't take long.

Everyone is looking to hurt this guy because he "got away with it", wrote that dumb book, and the families are still looking for him to stumble.

There are worse things than having to go to prison/jail for this guy. Lack of publicity and an entourage, for one. But then, he'd probably have that in prison...


USpace said...

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