Saturday, August 26, 2006

Off to the Opera

It was a real busy week as you can tell by my week of no blogging. This week was sandwiched between some play time as well. Last weekend I hit the trails, horseback riding in the Chama area, we went from New Mexico, across into Colorado and back. I really enjoyed this and it was the perfect getaway after the prior weeks distressing news stories. It was kind of a City Slickers weekend and I was pretty sore after two days of riding as I don't get to ride to often.

Sheriff Greg Solano on "Apache"

Break time on the Trail Ride

One of Twenty lakes in the area we traveled.

After a week of one busy day after another in which we interviewed candidates for the jail administrator my wife Antoinette and I were off to the Opera to see Jules Massenet's "Cendrillon (Cinderella). I got into trouble with my wife for calling it "hokey" during intermission. The Santa Fe Opera puts on some great shows and even this one had some great costumes, props and scenery. This was probably a woman's opera since it seemed to appeal to my wife and a female friend of ours. My male companion and I thought it was kind of like a Hee Haw Opera. The two ladies seated behind us really enjoyed it since they were laughing as though Rodney Dangerfield was on the stage. Are you really supposed to laugh that hard at an Opera? I found myself nodding off during the third act however the fourth act was a bit more interesting and woke me up. This is not the Disney version of Cinderella, there was no mice, and this version has a father who's role is very prominent in the storyline. There was a Fairy godmother who sang very well and played a good role. Over all it was ok, and I can't ask for too much, we knew going in that it was Cinderella.

A scene from Santa Fe Opera's Cinderella

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