Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Senator John Edwards- The Road to the White House

I was watching "The Road to the White House 2008" on C-Span Sunday night and it featured Senator and former Vice-Presidential Candidate John Edwards recent event in Cornish, NH. I first met John Edwards when he was introduced to me by Attorney General Patricia Madrid who was heading up his New Mexico Campaign for President prior to John Kerry winning the nomination. He impressed me and seemed to have the ideals and energy of a John F. Kennedy. Even though John F. Kennedy died as my mother was bringing me home from a week in the hospital after my birth, my family worshiped him. I remember growing up there was a Saint Jude Statue right next to the statue of John F. Kennedy in my home. There for I was often told, read about and watched with my family the TV specials on John F. Kennedy as I grew up.

Back to C-Span, Senator Edwards spoke about raising minimum wages, about the Bush administrations support of the big Oil interests while inadequately supporting the efforts to rebuild hurricane ravaged areas. He spoke about poverty in America and the failures of our educational system. I still have not made up my mind about the Democratic nominee of my choice in the primary's to come but Senator Edwards impressed me again as he did the first time I met him.

It would be nice to see our own Governor Bill Richardson in the White House and that would do a lot for New Mexico. I still remember the days when the Clinton White House had economic stability and growth combined with a balanced budget plan. A time when the C.O.P.S. programs helped small departments like Santa Fe County's to hire personnel and buy much needed equipment. Perhaps Hillary Clinton could lead the country in that direction again? Any of these candidates would be better than another Republican Administration. Combine that with the Democrats re-taking congress this November and I believe our country will be back on the path to prosperity. After watching Senator Edwards speak again I think he will be one to watch in the 2008 race. He continues to impress me and seems to get better and better in delivering his message. Finally, for those of you in Rep. Heather Wilsons District, Please elect Patricia Madrid and take one giant step towards a democratically controlled Congress.

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