Thursday, August 17, 2006

Republican Hack at it again.

Republican hack Whitney Cheshire, AKA The Wednesday Morning Quarterback is at it again not only criticizing my political life but taking digs at my personal life including calling me a wannabe blogger. That hurts, LOL. Whitney has to understand that I have thicker skin than to succumb to childlike name calling.

In a November 2005 Press Release Whitney Republican Hack Cheshire stated the following:

“I've found that liberal bloggers - with a liberal agenda - hit local candidates the hardest,” said Cheshire. Those candidates don‚’t have thousands of dollars to spend on radio and TV to counter the punches being landed on the Internet,” said Cheshire. Bloggers don’t have to be correct, and they don'’t have to be fair. And sometimes, it takes too much money to set the record straight, she said.

“Blog postings land in the press and have an effect on campaigns” said Cheshire. “That’s why it is irresponsible when bloggers refuse to seek comment from the candidates and people about whom they are writing. With The Wednesday Morning Quarterback, we’ll work to report fairly and present more than one side of the story,” she said.

As I read that press release and read her blog I realize, and I wonder if she realizes she has become that which she once criticized. She does nothing but bash Democrats in her blog whether deserving or not. The truth is unimportant to her. Even those whom she as a resident of Albuquerque are not even part of her voting districts are not safe from her pit bull attacks. I don't remember her asking me for comment before writing (or bashing) me on any of the occasions which she has done so. I give her the Fumble of the year award for her unabashed Democrat bashing and childlike behavior on the field.

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