Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Cries of 3251 Children Echo Today.....

Every year I present a small tribute to the victims of 9-11 on this blog. On September 11, 2001 2948 Victims died when America was attacked.

3251 Children lost a parent on that day. I want to show you a video tribute to the children of those who died. I last posted this video in 2006, it brought tears to my eyes then and it still does today. This originally was an animated video posted on the Internet. Someone changed the scenes to photos however they kept the original soundtrack. It brought tears to my eyes and I bet it will to yours also.

This video reminds me of the pain when my family lost my mother 23 years ago. I can imagine this same pain multiplied by 3251. September 11 has become everything from a day of national mourning to a rally cry for security and finally a political football to be thrown when ever a politician hopes a Hail Mary pass can be completed. On this actual day all uses of this memory should be set aside and we should do nothing more than honor the victims and remember the sacrifice of 333 Firefighters, 60 Law Enforcement Officers, and 125 members of our Armed Forces who died that day.

I always mention one retired law enforcement officer and victim who died that day, He was the one New Mexican who lost his life in the attacks.

Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph Marchand- The only New Mexican to die in the September 11, Attacks. He was a retired Alamogordo Police Officer who wanted to be a pilot someday. He was working as a flight attendant on United Flight 175 which was crashed into the World Trade Center South Tower.

Below is a link where you can view all the victims names.

Names of those Killed in the September 11 Attacks.

To all the victims, their families, friends and loved ones. We remember, we honor, we ask for gods blessings for each of you.

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