Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Santa Fe Fiesta Parade and Our Next Sheriff

I attended the Santa Fe Fiesta Historical/Hysterical parade on Sunday Sept 7, 2008 with my wife Antoinette, many family members and my kids. It was a lot of fun and this was the first time in years I got to watch from the sidelines rather than be on a float or stagecoach. There were political entries, schools, sports, Fiesta royalties from Santa Fe and surrounding communities, nice cars and trucks, business and non profits and just some community members who wanted to have fun. I was surprised to also see two entries from a couple of gentlemen who seek to replace me in a little over two years. I received a lot of calls and comments from people who let me know they are sad to see me go. Many thought the candidates were running this November to replace me this year.

I still have over half my second term left and god willing I will still be Sheriff until January 1, 2011. While I am purposely not mentioning the names of those who were in the fiesta parade seeking to get name recognition and try to be my replacement, I am going to come out really early and tell you who I am endorsing. Current Undersheriff Robert Garcia is running for Sheriff in the 2010 June Primary and I will not only be endorsing him, I will whole heartily give him any support I can. Robert is a former Union President, former Santa Fe City Police Sergeant, Former member of the armed forces, and was my mentor in both union and police disciplines throughout my early police years. He also saved my butt if not my life during several bouts with criminals.

Robert has been an integral part of my administration and been responsible for many of our successes in the Santa Fe County Sheriff's Office. Even though I still intend to be around over two more years I have complete confidence that when the time comes Santa Fe County voters can do no better than to elect Robert Garcia as my replacement.

So now back to the parade, Here are a few pictures I took of the parade.

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