Thursday, September 18, 2008

Obama Brings Excitement to Espanola

It has been a long busy day and my wife Antoinette and I are headed to the Toby Keith concert so I quickly put up a few pics from the Obama rally in Espanola. It was a full crowd of about 10,000 and very exciting. I will try to post more on it later.

Who would have guessed that right across the street is the Espanola Republican Headquarters!

Lots of News Trucks including CNN.

Larry Behrens From KOAT filming a shot of Ben Ray Lujan pressing the flesh.

Ben Ray Lujan worked the crowd and spoke to this lady who lived accross the street from the rally.

New Mexican Reporter Steve Terrell at his post in the press area.

Governor Richardson Introduces Barak Obama.

My favorite line of Obama's was " McCain said the economy is fundamentally sound, he was fundamentally wrong!"



SWT said...

Notice I'm the only reporter smart enough to be wearing a cap in that hot espanola sun.

Sheriff Greg Solano said...

Yes, looks like your experience in politics and many a music fest has taught you something. I on the other hand got lobster red as you can see on my picture with Toby Keith in the next post.