Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Thumbs Up, Beer For My Horses

My wife Antoinette and I attended the local screening of the movie Beer For My Horses on Sunday Night. The movie was filmed in Santa Fe and Las Vegas New Mexico and starred Toby Keith, Rodney Carrington, and Ted Nugent. There were many cameo appearances by many music personality's and others. Readers of this Blog might remember my post made during filming where I visited the set and deputized the three stars as Special Deputies.

Interestingly enough, in the movie written by Toby Keith and Rodney Carrington the two play Deputies in Jackson County Oklahoma. I actually did not know that fact when I first went to the set and deputized the three. The two play best friends, Rack (Toby Keith) and Lonnie (Rodney Carrington), that work together as deputies in a small town along with an eccentric deputy named Skunk (Ted Nugent). The three defy the Sheriff and head off on an outrageous road trip to save Rack's girlfriend from drug lord kidnappers.

Toby Keith receiving the Oath of Office from Sheriff Greg Solano

The movie definitely has a Country Movie Television feel to it and I was not sure I would like it. But, I did, the movie had just the right amount of comedic relief thrown in with Toby's characters more serious role. I have to say that Rodney stole the movie in several scenes and had me laughing out loud. For those who don't know me I don't do that too often. My wife says I am always too serious. However, Laugh out loud I did on several occasions.

The movie is only in limited release and it is my understanding that the one night screening in Santa Fe was the only chance to see it in Santa Fe prior to it being released on DVD. Too bad it was better than many movies I have paid to see in a theater and I think if it had a wider release and some advertising money it would do well. It won't win an Oscar but its fun entertainment. I can see this doing well on DVD and later on T.V. as well. Maybe one of the trivia questions on CMT TV when this is shown is the fact the three stars actually became honorary deputies while filming in Santa Fe. I give this movie thumbs up (hope I don't get sued for using that) and recommend you catch it where ever you find it.

By the way Toby and Rodney, here is a toast to your screenwriting abilities, Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.......

You can watch the movie trailer here.


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elsietee said...

I agree that it would have done very well if they had distributed it to more theaters. I live in California, and it didn't play ANYWHERE out here. I am really looking forward to the DVD!!! The trailers are hilarious!