Monday, August 27, 2007

Hitting the dusty trail again.

On Thursday afternoon I was off on my yearly ride in the Chama area, this time we were at the Quinlan Ranch for our three day trip. My friends and I arrived on Thursday night and I was greeted at the campfire by none other than former County Commissioner Javier Gonzales, Former Attorney General Candidate Geno Zamora, and Mayor Marty Chavez. For more on the political side of this trip see my other blog "The Road to Lieutenant Governor".

Upon our arrival at the ranch we unloaded the horses and gear and settled into our tents. We actually had pretty good cell service at the base camp and It was funny during the trip to read this story in the New Mexican on my blackberry while having my morning coffee. The story in the New Mexican was about people paying big bucks for luxury camping trips. As you can see by this photo our tent was not as luxurious.

The first night was spent settling in and saying hello to old friends and some new ones. After a great dinner there was campfire music and conversation until about 1am.
One of our hosts "Don" really likes to build a campfire and soon our campfire became a bonfire. As it grew and grew I swear I could hear Zozobra groaning in the background.

In my next post I will detail the first day of riding, Stay Tuned!

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