Sunday, August 19, 2007

News Conference Scheduled for August 21

I am getting a lot of phone calls especially since last nights 10 pm broadcast of KOB TV news in which they reported on a News Conference I have scheduled for Tuesday August 21, at 2:00pm in the State Capitol Rotunda. The rumor going around and reported on KOB TV is that I am announcing a run for Lieutenant Governor. I can neither confirm nor deny. The news media does not like it when one station or paper gets the jump on the other. Therefor it is good to announce things to all news outlets at once, keeps everyone on an even keel and no one gets hurt with you.

They still want to get the jump on each other so they are still willing to report first as long as they can get some kind of news story with some checks and balances. Thus they are now reporting on the rumor that my news conference is about the Lieutenant Governors race. Look for this in Monday morning's New Mexican. All I can say is you are all invited to the news conference. At that time I will announce my future political ambitions. I hope you all will support me as you have in the past.

In other news 770KKOB AM Radio will interview me at 7am ( I don't like interviews that early) to discuss the Kid Nation Story as reported in the New York Times. This blog is still receiving three times the number of hits per day than what is normally seen. Most is for the Kid Nation blog posts, the rest are for the memorial post for my friend Jeff Lane.

I also attended the Democratic Party Meeting in Santa Fe on Saturday morning which was a question and answer session for Democratic Party Chair Brian Colon. The meeting was well attended with about 75 attendees and many candidates and elected officials. It was a good rally for Democrats and Brian Colon is an excellent speaker. He was very candid with his answers even when it something someone did not want to hear. A lot of talk centered around the February Caucus and what Democrats need to do to defeat Pete Domenici. Democratic faithful seem very united around Pete's defeat. Perhaps the days of Pete getting elected with the help of Democrats is over. I certainly hope so.

Well see you all at the News Conference!


Anonymous said...

The sheriff seems to want to be a star giving information on investigations on minors to the press.A child burned, kids drinking bleach,cant contact parents,working 14 hours for fun and winning====kids are corrupt because adults are sick!arrest all the parents and eveybody who participate knowingly.Did Tom Foremena's children participate or would he let his participate with the same rules?doubt it!!!!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait for this show to start!!!! My son (15yo) sent in his application and video for Kid Nation 2 in July and has already been contacted by the assistant casting director!! From the 4 minutes of video I have seen the "work" these children did was nothing more than what is done on a working farm every day. We laughed hysterically when one young participant said, "I'm a princess I don't do dishes!" UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! No wonder our society's work ethic is going down the drain. People baby their children, give them whatever they want, do everything for them and then release them into society totally unprepared for the "real world" - NOW THAT'S CHILD ABUSE!!!!
My son is praying he is chosen so he can show the nation that there are kids who know what it takes to live on their own and be role model and helper for those who struggle.