Monday, August 06, 2007

Santa Fe County Democratic Party meets.

My wife Antoinette and I attended the Santa Fe County Democratic Party meeting tonight at the NEA building in Santa Fe. It was good to see all my democrat friends again and the meeting made me itchy for the campaign season as several democrats running for office addressed the crowd. First to speak was Joe Campbell an Assistant District Attorney who is running for District Attorney in the First Judicial District. His prospective opponent A.J. Salazar was missing as he is serving in Iraq at the moment as well as expected opponent Doug Couleur who was also absent.

Next to speak was Brian Egolf who is running against Senator John Grubesic for the New Mexico State Senate seat. He was followed up by Senator Grubesic. Rounding out the candidates was State Representative Lucky Varela running unopposed so far for re-election to his seat. Deputy Cabinet Secretary Patsy Trujillo was collecting endorsements for Presidential Candidate Governor Bill Richardson while many democratic faithful approached me to ask me about rumors circulating around my next run for office. With a smile all I could say was wait about three weeks then everyone will know. I was surprised with at least one of the rumors. Most of the rest I had heard before and a few were even correct.

County Chair Minnie Gallegos next made her nominations for members of the Executive board. Connie Maki was nominated for Secretary, Andrew Perkins for Treasurer, Ernie Baca Parliamentarian and Kurt Young for Finance Committee Chair, Numerous other committee chairs were named as well.

Next up to speak was Joseph Casados the Regional Field Director from the State Democratic Party. He spoke of preparations under way for the February 5, 2008 Democratic Presidential Caucus. Casados also spoke about the possibility of obtaining corporate sponsors to help cover the costs of the Caucus which is expected to run about $350,000. He rounded out his portion of the agenda by inviting everyone to a question and answer get together with Democratic Chair Brian Colon on August 18, 2007 , 9:00 am the The Lodge at Santa Fe. The meeting is part of a 33 county tour the chairman is undertaking in order to develop a 33 county strategy for the New Mexico Democratic Party.

Finally Tom Chepucavage President of Eldorado Media Solutions announced that a new and improved Santa Fe Democratic Party web site will be up soon. It sounds like it will be a real improvement. I will place a link on this blog as soon as it is up and running. If anyone is in need of a real expert to design a web site look no further than Tom. (end of commercial, lol).

It was great to get together with all my friends who share a fondness for the Democratic party. I really see some great races coming up and see a democratic tidal wave over the next few years.


brian said...


Thanks for a great summary of the meeting.

- Brian

Anonymous said...


Thanks for mentioning my candidacy for District Attorney. I will be home from Iraq at the end of the month and am looking forward to kicking off my campaign. I Will see you soon.