Saturday, August 18, 2007

Kid Nation complaints make National News.

Last week Edward Wyatt of The New York Times called me and said he read about Kid Nation on my Blog. He requested copies of the complaints received by our office. I knew the story would be coming soon but AOL picked it up and have featured the New York Times Story on their web site and News Feeds. This has generated a lot of traffic to this blog as well as many emails. AOL has over 1100 comments and a Poll which showed the following results at the time of this post.

As I said in my last blog post on this subject, Should the show decide to try and film in Santa Fe County again the Sheriff's office will be on site and closely monitor the show, although my preference is that the producers go else where.


Anonymous said...

This is one of the greatest things that has come to Santa Fe County in years! You should be embrassing it!

I bet this women is upset because her daughter didn't win any money! A majority of the press that I am reading shows that most of the children enjoyed the experience and would do it again!

There is always going to be a disgruntled person in the bunch, especially when money is involved!

One bad apple doesn't make the whole tree bad!

Anonymous said...

I CANNOT wait for this show to start!!!! My son (15yo) sent in his application and video for Kid Nation 2 in July and has already been contacted by the assistant casting director!! From the 4 minutes of video I have seen the "work" these children did was nothing more than what is done on a working farm every day. We laughed hysterically when one young participant said, "I'm a princess I don't do dishes!" UNBELIEVEABLE!!!!! No wonder our society's work ethic is going down the drain. People baby their children, give them whatever they want, do everything for them and then release them into society totally unprepared for the "real world" - NOW THAT'S CHILD ABUSE!!!!
My son is praying he is chosen so he can show the nation that there are kids who know what it takes to live on their own and be role model and helper for those who struggle.